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What we do Pioneer Academics utilizes technology to enable bright, ambitious, and intellectually curious student scholars from around the world to be mentored by research faculty from outstanding institutions of higher education. Pioneer Academics is about mentorship - the student-centric relationship in which scholars are closely guided by experts. Through small, international cohorts and one-to-one instruction, Pioneer faculty customize academic rigor to each student's potential. Our breadth of scholastic options, our technology, and our program design allow scholars to pursue their intellectual passions, regardless of their physical locations or other time commitments.   

We are a laboratory for educational innovation because we allow faculty to design and control their mentorship programs. Faculty have freedom to approve students they mentor, to teach what they want when they want, and to implement their own instructional ideas and inspirations.   

Pioneer Academics helps institutions of higher education to better assess our student scholars. Faculty mentors provide evaluations of their students that are accurate, reliable, and free of conflicts of interest. Because faculty work closely with our scholars, their evaluations offer meaningful insight into how students will perform at the most selective academic institutions. As admissions to such institutions become increasingly competitive, we offer unparalleled transparency and depth of understanding about who our scholars are and how they will contribute to an institution's intellectual community. 

Why we do it We believe that students who will make meaningful positive impacts on our society throughout their lives need highly personalized yet guided educational experiences allowing them to explore, to question, to generate and to test their own ideas. Pioneer Academics offers these experiences.  

As an organization, among our goals is the advancement of a social mission comprised of two components: First, we are determined to devote efforts and financial resources to include scholars who have limited financial means. Second, we are committed to transcending geographic barriers to educational engagement. We select student cohorts that bring together ideas and perspectives from diverse cultures and geographies because such peer interaction challenges stereotypes, augments creativity, and heightens students' awareness of the global community in which we live.

Our Vision We will improve the current academic culture by creating educational experiences that are inspiring and life-changing, that unlock students’ curiosity and creativity, and that involve international peer engagement encouraging students to challenge preconceived notions and embedded stereotypes.
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