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Pioneer Breaks New Ground: What Might It Mean for You?

Pioneer Academics has trailblazed a new standard – being the first and only online research program for high school students that is qualified for the maximum number of college credits for an undergraduate-level research course.

Reputation Built On What Matters



Acknowleged as having the highest academic standards for research



Known globally for the quality of our scholars and their research

Your Passion

Your Passion

Designed to channel your passion into certified original research



A global community of scholars like you that want to make an impact

Pioneer Academics

Accreditation Matters. Here’s Why.

Pioneer Academics is a college-accredited Research Institute, so your research with Pioneer matters. We are the only program in which accreditation for your hard work is built in and part of our process. Pioneer’s accreditation means you have met and exceeded the rigor required for US undergraduate-level research.

Unparalleled Results

applications have been received since 2013.
More students want to be part of this program than any other.
countries are represented by Pioneer alumni.
More alumni in more countries make you part of a powerful global network.
$5.0 Million
need-based scholarship dollars have been granted over the past 5 years.
0 out of 4
of the most prestigious gifted programs officially recommend Pioneer Academics.
exclusive seminars have been offered with college admission officers.

Start Your Journey to Your Possible

  • Shannon Heh

    “The reason I would recommend Pioneer to others is that you really have the freedom to choose what research topic you want to do, and it’s also a great experience to have direct interaction with college professors that you might not necessarily have through other research experiences and Pioneer provides a lot of resources for first time researchers.”

    Shannon Heh
    Princeton University
  • Abigail Romero

    “Coming into the Pioneer Academics research program, I already trusted Pioneer as a credible resource through which I can achieve in the research field. That’s because I really see Pioneer as an exemplar of scholarship and the amazing innovation that can take place once dedicated students can be matched up with even more dedicated professors”

    Abigail Romero
    Harvard University
  • Sammer Marzouk

    “I think that when it comes to the college accreditation process of Pioneer generally, just having the backing of a U.S. accredited college, in this case Oberlin, is so helpful when it comes to the college application process and for how Pioneer do generally because the experiences and the information I’ve gained through the program is so priceless.”

    Sammer Marzouk
    Harvard University
  • Warren Berger

    “Pioneer Academics is on the cutting edge in terms of bringing a higher level of student inquiry into education. I am particularly impressed with the way Pioneer encourages students to tackle big, meaningful questions–and take ownership of those questions. This can be the key to helping today’s students become tomorrow’s innovators and world-changers.”

    Warren Berger
    Author and Expert on Innovation and Creativity
  • Matthew Pohl

    “There are actually very few selective summer programs out there that emphasize research. Those that are selective are very trusted. Pioneer is one of very few selective summer undergraduate research opportunities, and that’s something that’s known among college admissions officers at top universities.”

    Matthew Pohl
    Former Associate Director of Admissions
    University of Pennsylvania and Wharton
  • Mary Hetlage

    “When Pioneer actually provides a written evaluation inside of an application, they provide a lot of information so you understand the program, you understand what is behind it, you understand the accreditation that comes from behind it, the rigor, that there is an evaluation rubric.”

    Mary Hetlage
    Former Senior Associate Director of Admissions
    University of Chicago
  • Azamat Tulepbergenov

    “Thank you for erasing the socioeconomic barrier and making us part of your educational community and the community of young, bold scientists. We thank you for giving our students tools, mentorship and rigor to explore various research interests, question existing scientific findings, and generate and work on their ideas.”

    Azamat Tulepbergenov
    “Bilim-Innovation” International Community Fund
  • Luisa Duarte

    “As a counselor to students of varied backgrounds and heritages, I have no doubt that the quality of the individual mentorship that Pioneer Academics provides to all its students is one of the most unique, valuable and high-quality activities any high school student can enjoy.”

    Luisa Duarte
    Ashinaga Africa Initiative
  • Tezen

    “Former Pioneer scholar Kennedy would never have considered her dream to earn a PhD in computer science had she not participated in Pioneer, which she learned about through A Better Chance. Kennedy is now working towards her undergraduate degree at Columbia.”

    Francisco J. Tezen
    President & CEO, A Better Chance

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