April 25, 2023 | Pioneer
April 25, 2023


undergraduate and graduate students

Best Engineering Summer Programs for High School Students: With Advice from a Former Admissions Officer

Eager students often want to learn and gain valuable engineering experience not offered in their high school classrooms. Fortunately, summer programs allow high schoolers to further their engineering education and research abilities.You don’t have to spend your summer searching for the best summer programs for high school students. Pioneer Academics is highly respected for its...
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college admissions process

Best Summer Programs for High School Students in Technology: With Advice by a Former Admissions Officer

Summer can be a time for traveling or taking vacations. However, many high school students want to continue learning after school is out for the year.As eager students quickly discover, many pre-college programs are available for rising high school students.With over a decade of experience offering rigorous and respected pre-college summer programs, we used our...
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