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Pioneer Academics in 3 Minutes

Pioneer Academics: The respected research institute.
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    Pioneer Academics in 3 Minutes

    Pioneer Academics: The respected research institute.
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Pioneer & Oberlin Academic Collaboration

Oberlin College introduces the philosophy and scope of the collaboration on its website

Pioneer & Oberlin Academic Collaboration

Oberlin College introduces the philosophy and scope of the collaboration on its website

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Announcing the Publication of the 2022 Pioneer Research Journal

Featuring outstanding work by Pioneer’s 2022 scholars, the latest edition of the Pioneer Research Journal is now available. Click on the link below to read original research by our community of global scholars.

2022 Pioneer Research Journal

2023 EA/ED College Admissions Update from Pioneer Alumni

Applauding Pioneer scholars’ continuing devotion to inquisitiveness, innovation, and high standards.

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The First & Only Conference of Respected Research Programs

The First Annual Pioneer Co-Curricular Summit was held on Sept 30 and Oct 1, 2022, in celebration of Pioneer’s 10th anniversary.
Pioneer’s strong academic reputation attracted ten other widely respected academic programs as co-presenters.

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Pioneer on Campus: Stanford University

Pioneer alumni often connect with each other during online events, but also meet up in person! In this series, we share some examples of past “Pioneer on Campus” events, organized by Pioneer alumni.

Stanford admitted

2021-2022 Pioneer Alumni Share their College Destinations

Pioneer Scholars who elected for early action or early decision share where they will be headed for college this fall.


Pioneer Alumni Share a Strategic Approach to Successful Reapplication

Resubmitting an application to Pioneer has become very common as admission to Pioneer has grown increasingly competitive. Read what the alumni who successfully reapplied to Pioneer shared for their insights and tips.

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Pioneer & Oberlin: Holistic and groundbreaking collaboration

Pioneer Academics is committed to the highest standards in academic advancement. It earned institutional backing for its academic system and standards which led to its collaboration with Oberlin College & Conservatory. This groundbreaking collaboration created an unprecedented online education model which has enabled outstanding high school students to conduct accredited research following concrete, holistic standards.

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Pioneer News and Updates

Pioneer Featured Research

Analysis of Testing Accuracy Threshold for COVID-19 through an SIR Computational Model

Computer Science

About the Scholar: Nabo Yu attended The Webb Schools in Claremont, California, in the United States.

The Research:

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, the accuracy of tests was so variable that some countries chose not to use tests at all, but instead isolate symptomatic individuals. Pioneer scholar Nabo thought computer simulations could shed light on the effects of testing accuracy on the spread of the disease. His SIR model computational calculations confirm that higher testing accuracy can result in reduced disease spread, and show that even lower accuracy testing is useful in slowing the transmission rate. According to Nabo, the model “has possibly offered a basic method of determining acceptable levels of testing accuracy based on the level of social isolation.”

Nabo Journal image

Sri Lanka Risk Analysis

About the Scholar: Aditya Waddodagi grew up in the United States and India and attended Greenwood High International School in Bangalore, India

The Research:

Pioneer scholar Aditya prepared this risk assessment for a tour company contemplating expansion into Sri Lanka in mid-2019 by analyzing open source information to evaluate the risks in the area, concluding that this is not a good time.

Politics are chronically unstable, with elections scheduled for the end of 2019. 2019’s Easter Sunday attacks worsened tensions between majority Buddhist extremist groups and Muslim and Tamil minorities. Slow economic growth, high income inequality, and weak government standards discourage foreign investment.

Since these factors would be particularly troubling to foreign tourists, Aditya recommends the company postpone its decision until late 2020.

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Aditya Journal image

Exposing Heat Stress Differential within the Urban Heat Island

About the Scholar: Pioneer Scholar Olivia is from Kingston, Massachusetts, where she attended Sacred Heart High School

The Research:

Olivia gathered temperature data in Boston to determine whether heat is spread evenly throughout the city. Using particle temperature and humidity sensors, she found that higher income areas of Boston have lower temperatures than low income areas with large quantities of cement and asphalt.

Olivia’s findings point to a disparity in “heat stress,” the phenomenon whereby elevated temperatures increase risks for cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Currently,  lower income neighborhoods are more likely to suffer from heat stress. But Olivia’s research encourages initiatives to increase access to green spaces in lower income areas – improving human health and quality of life.

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Olivia Journal image

Lebanon: An IMF Case Study

About the scholar: Abhishek Don Hemlani grew up in China and attended BASIS International School Guangzhou in Guangzhou, China.

The Research:

A massive explosion in the port of Beirut on August 4, 2020, killed 200 people and left 300,000 homeless. Pioneer scholar Abishek sees this disaster as the result of chronic negligence and corruption in the Lebanese government. He analyzes Lebanon’s current political, social, geopolitical, and economic risks with the goal of identifying critical areas that the IMF should address as it negotiates economic assistance and an action plan for the country. “Successful reform and recovery cannot occur without reforming the sectarian political system and changing attitudes,” he concludes, acknowledging that such systemic change is probably “out of the IMF’s domain.”

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