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Institutional Review Board of Oberlin

Research Standards Matter: the IRB process for human subjects research at Pioneer

When Anxing (China, psychology, 2020), began her research paper on the occupational burnout of long-haul truck drivers in her native country, she could not find any data that was relevant to her paper. So she decided to conduct her own survey that not only gave her first-hand information but also a glimpse of what her...
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2022 Pioneer research journal nomination

Announcing the Nominees for the 2022 Pioneer Research Journal

Pioneer Academics is proud to announce that 128 papers authored by scholars from the 2022 academic year have been nominated for publication in The Pioneer Research Journal, an annual publication showcasing the most outstanding undergraduate-level research and writing generated by the high school students from around the world who participated in this year’s program.  These...
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Computer Science Methodology at Pioneer

Computer Science Methodology at Pioneer: Solving Meaningful Problems and Expanding Knowledge About Algorithms

Pioneer scholars researching computer science explore the nature of algorithms and their applications. Using tools such as modeling, machine learning, coding languages, and other technology-based methods, Pioneer scholars either seek solutions to meaningful problems or explore the algorithms themselves to deepen our knowledge of these valuable tools. Whether applying machine learning to medicine, modeling land-use...
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For Pioneer scholars conducting mathematics research is like solving a puzzle

For Pioneer scholars, conducting mathematics research is like solving a puzzle

Research in mathematics looks a bit different than any of the other research areas at Pioneer. While some mathematics students in interdisciplinary or applied fields use the scientific method of inquiry, pure mathematics research is often more like solving a puzzle. When faced with the same puzzle, different Pioneer scholars will use a variety of...
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Pioneer Scholar Spolight Alejandra

Pioneer Scholar Spotlight: Alejandra

“Sometimes asking the right question is more important than getting the answer to it.” Before Pioneer scholar Alejandra, from Colombia, applied to do her Pioneer Research Program, she was interested in both biology and physics. She was leaning toward molecular biology, and was trying to decide which of the two areas to focus on. When...
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Pioneer scholars share advice on approaching the research process

Pioneer scholars share advice on approaching the research process

Completing a formal research paper at the college-level can be a daunting task, even for students who are actually in college. It requires a great deal of self discipline, time management, and focus. So how do Pioneer scholars, high school students from all over the world, do it?  The Pioneer Research Program, while highly rigorous,...
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High school students conducting research in physics and engineering at Pioneer

High school students conducting research in physics and engineering at Pioneer use a variety of approaches to contribute new knowledge

Pioneer scholars use a number of strategies to conduct research in the fields of physics, engineering, and astronomy. With the help of computer programs, it is possible to simulate complex experiments without the use of a laboratory. Other students capitalize on existing data and use it to answer a new question, or analyze it in...
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Rigor of Pioneers research curriculum inspires creativity and agency in the research process

Rigor of Pioneer’s research curriculum inspires creativity and agency in the research process

The Pioneer Research Program engages high school students in academic research on original topics in their fields of interest. The culmination of students’ efforts, the Pioneer research paper, is held to college-level standards of academic achievement. All of this happens, however, outside of both high school and collegiate educational settings, through an academic program designed...
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Pioneer research program scholar spotlight

Pioneer Scholar Spotlight: Michael

“Pioneer has a very diverse population of students and you’re going to get a lot of different new perspectives by talking with the other students and they’re going to make your paper more balanced.” When he was growing up, Pioneer scholar Michael was curious about how people made decisions. When he did his Pioneer Research...
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Pioneer research journal 2021

Announcing the 2021 Pioneer Research Journal

Pioneer Academics proudly announces the release of Volume 8 of the Pioneer Research Journal, an international collection of 27 certified undergraduate-level research papers written by exceptional high-school students. Published annually, the journal features the most outstanding research generated by young global scholars enrolled in the Pioneer Research Program. The Pioneer Research Journal nomination and selection...
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