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Application Procedure
Step 1: Go to Apply to fill out the initial application form and complete the short essays. (The essays tell us about your level of interest in the program and your chosen fields of study.) Our admissions committee will review your application and decide whether to invite you for an interview.
Step 2: Pioneer staff schedule an interview online or by phone with you. After the interview, we will decide on your conditional admission to the program.
Step 3: Students receive a conditional offer of admission with details of research area and professor. If accepted, initial deposit must be made.*
Step 4: If necessary, an interview will be conducted with proposed Pioneer professor. (Not all professors require a secondary interview following the interview with Pioneer staff.)
Step 5: The remainder of course tuition is paid and the student begins the program. *Deposit will be returned if student is subsequently declined by professor and cannot be re-assigned
Did you know that?
The first Pioneer research took place in 2012
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