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Experience Pioneer (Videos)
Evaluating Students
Dr. Tim Elgren, Dean of Arts and Sciences at Oberlin College, speaks about the “extraordinary” evaluations he has written for Pioneer students. He ranks them among the top students he’s ever seen come to the selective liberal arts colleges where he has taught for over 20 years.
Mentoring Students
Observe how three distinguished professors mentor their students in lively exchanges. A mathematics professor at Davidson College helps his student find a more workable variation of his initial idea; A psychology professor at Wesleyan University shows how to use data to develop a concept, and a Near Eastern civilization professor at Harvard University reflects on refining the topic through the writing process.
Preparing Students to Develop a Research Topic
An anthropology professor and a chemistry professor help students understand how to prepare to develop original and creative research projects. Mentors in social sciences and hard sciences will differ in their approach – high level work can not follow a one size fits all format.
Encouraging Students to Engage in Problem Solving Together
Watch the lively interaction between students as one raises a question and another attempts to answer it. A professor of anthropology and a professor of chemistry foster student engagement and self-confidence.
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