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A letter from admissions

2021 proved to be one of the most challenging years for both Pioneer Admissions and its applicants as the interest in our program continued to rise. We saw an unprecedented 3016 applications for the 2021 summer term. While we were awed by the caliber of candidates, and humbled by the amount of interest, we were also saddened by the number of impressive applicants to whom we could not extend offers of admission – almost 75%. We are therefore working  with our internal teams to offer our original research opportunity to an increased number of excellent scholars.

Pioneer proudly maintains a comprehensive evaluation process in which we thoroughly assess applicants’ transcripts, teacher evaluations, essay quality, test scores if available, and interview performance. Our in-depth assessment involved more than 3,500 interviews this year, a massive effort we undertake to understand each candidate as a person, not just an application. We were tasked with establishing potential, capability, and passion, maintaining our trademark focus on consideration of students’ values, commitments, and authentic interests. More so than in past years, leadership, service, character, and communication took on greater importance, and our interview conversations allowed us to better evaluate these factors and establish genuine understanding.

It is a privilege to lead Pioneer Academics’ Admissions Team. I am so proud of the strong interest we receive from incredibly gifted students; it is a daunting task to select from such a talented applicant pool. On behalf of the Admissions Team and the entire Pioneer organization, I want to extend my gratitude to all candidates and my congratulations to those who have embarked on their research journey. We are committed to expanding our programming in 2022 and beyond, while sustaining the highest standards and enforcing the rigor that is fundamental to our core values.

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