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Announcing the 2019 Pioneer Journal Nominees

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Announcing the 2019 Pioneer Journal Nominees

Pioneer Academics is proud to announce that 109 scholars from the 2019 program have been nominated for the Pioneer Research Journal, an annual publication that showcases a collection of outstanding, undergraduate-level research written by high school students. These students come from five continents, 11 countries, and 81 high schools around the world, and their research papers present innovative analysis and new knowledge  in a wide range of academic fields across engineering, natural sciences, social sciences, and the humanities. 

Pioneer Academics’ research program is the world’s only online research system granting US college credits for high school students. These research papers nominated form the capstone of the Pioneer Research Program, an academic research program offered in two terms each year that gives motivated, gifted high school students from around the world the chance to generate undergraduate level academic research. As part of the Pioneer Research Program, students meet online with classmates from around the world in small, seminar-style courses with a university professor. They then work individually with their professor to generate their own research paper on a topic of their choice. 

In 2019, over the course of the research program all of the papers completed by the students from 28 countries underwent rigorous academic oversight.  Each paper represents a milestone in original exploration and discovery. Among those, 109 were chosen as exceptionally outstanding and nominated for potential publication in the 6th Annual Pioneer Research Journal. The nominated papers represent the top 16% of research papers submitted in the 2019 Pioneer Research Program. The process of selecting papers for publication from those nominated involves a comprehensive, double-blind review conducted by a reading committee of over 40 university faculty from over 30 academic fields. In 2018, only the top 4.6% of papers were selected as finalists. The Pioneer Research Journal is edited by the dean of the college of arts and sciences at Oberlin College & Conservatory.

Nominated students were understably very excited and honored to receive nomination. Sample student reactions include:

Victor Guely, Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle London, United Kingdom:
“Thank you for your email.  I am very happy to hear that my paper has been nominated, that’s really exciting!”

Zitian Ye, Beijing National Day School, China:
“I’m honored to have my research paper nominated for publication in the 2019 Pioneer Research Journal, and I want to thank you for the recognition of my work.”

Saara Bhatia, Jayshree Periwal International School, India:
“I wanted to thank you again for this amazing opportunity! I had the best time with the Pioneer Program and writing my research paper was a blast!”

Ansh Nagwekar, Bellarmine College Preparatory, United States:
“Thank you for the nomination for publication in the Pioneer Journal. I truly appreciate this opportunity.”

For a comprehensive view of the students nominated for the 2019 Pioneer Research Journal, including their school, country, Pioneer course topic, and research paper title, please see the chart below.

Nominee School Country Research Area Pioneer Paper Title
Janae-Rose Fageyinbo Charlotte Country Day School United States Anthropology An Investigation of Male Dominance in Professional and Casual Environments
Tianrui Xia The Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University China Anthropology/ Culture Studies Japanese Animation-Based Communication in a Chinese Youth Community
Yinan Miao Nanjing Foreign Languages School China Anthropology/ Culture Studies Sentiment and Resistance: An Observation of Women’s Voice and Social Status from Jiangyong Nüshu
Yining Yan Shenzhen College of International Education China Anthropology/ Culture Studies Words and Bodies: A Genealogy of Homosexuality in China
Lucy Brenner Scarsdale High School United States Anthropology/ Culture Studies Transcendence through Thangkas: The Power of Tibetan Art to Communicate Religious Beliefs
Junwen Huang California High School United States Anthropology/ STS Digging Deeper into the Vaccination Controversy: A Scientific Disagreement as a Cultural Phenomenon
Su Min Yoon School for the Talented and Gifted United States Anthropology/ STS The Invisible Culture of Pain and the Opioid Crises
Shuyu Chen WHBC of Wuhan Foreign Languages School China Art history Comparative Analysis of Leonardo da Vinci’s Santa Maria Della Neve and Huang Gongwang’s The Remaining Mountain
Yuening Huang Nanjing Foreign Languages School China Art History Dura-Europos Synagogue and Its Interaction with Other Cultural Groups in Dura-Europos
Annalise Selden Pine Crest School United States Art History The Ceiling of the Cappella Palatina: Norman Sicily’s Diversity and Artistic Style Under Roger II
Gaoyuan Zang The Kiski School United States Art history A Consideration of Renaissance and Mannerist Paintings on the Same Biblical Subject
Daria Chadiuk Appleby College Canada Astronomy Neural Networks Find Patterns in Transit Photometry Data
Hui Lan International School of Beijing China Biology The Relationship Between Gut Microbiome, Hormones, and Acne Vulgaris Disease Presentation
Leyi Qiu Chengdu Shude High School China Biology Downregulating the Genes SETDB1 and HDAC2 to Restore Functional PR Expression in Endometrial Cancer Cells
Boyang (Bobby) Xiao Walt Whitman High School United States Biology Efficacies of Reactive Balance Intervention on the Fall Prevention of Different Levels of Impairment in Individuals Post-Stroke
EmmaRose Lowery Carondelet High School United States Biology Virtual Reality: The Future of Stroke and Parkinson’s Rehabilitation
Yeongju Lee James M Bennett High School United States Biology Effectively Evaluate the Progression of Parkinson’s Disease and Improve Gait Impairments Using Wearable Sensors and Augmented Reality Devices
Yuting Huang Culver Academies United States Biology Macrophage Migration Inhibition Factor: A cancer Promoter, Potential Prognosticator and Chemotherapeutic Target
Zhao Tang International Department, The Affiliated High School of South China Normal University China Biology/ Engineering CRISPR/dCAS9 Systems for Cytokine Release Syndrome Control
Jinyuan Zeng Shenzhen College of International Education China Business By Analyzing the Data Between 2009-2017 to Determine Which Factors Have Contributed to Angola Having the Highest Total Entrepreneurship Activity (TEA) Rate in the World in 2018
Mingyuan Zhou YK Pao School China Business Impact Valuation of Shanghai Young Bakers
Tianhao Li Beijing National Day School China Business Comparison of Determinants of Entrepreneurial Intentions in China and the USA
Yuwei Wu Shanghai Starriver Bilingual School China Business Entrepreneurial Education in the United States and Its Impact on Entrepreneurship
Zhanhao Zhang Shen Wai International School China Business Impact of Entrepreneurial Activities and Innovation on the United States’ Economy from 2011 to 2018: Using Statistics from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, Global Innovation Index, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the World Bank
Seungmin Suh Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies South Korea Business Social Media Strategy and its Effect on Sustained Virality: Differential Audience Response to Five Crafting Channels
Nicole Gou Saint Francis High School United States Business How Should Firms React to Celebrity Scandals?
Elis Sõõrd Lester B. Pearson United World College of the Pacific Canada Chemistry Would Limiting Animal Product Consumption Be an Effective Public Health Strategy? The Role of Industrial Farming in the European Union as a Catalyst for Foodborne Disease Resulting from Antimicrobial-Resistant Bacteria
Minyi He Ulink College, Guangzhou China Chemistry Human Health Risk Assessment of Methylmercury and Sulfonamides to Fish Consumers at Ulink Colelge
Xinyi Wang Shanghai East Foreign Language School China Chemistry Understanding the Mechanism of Luteolin as Antioxidant, Radicals Scavengers, and Anti-Inflammatory Agent
Yiyi Yang High School Attached to Shanghai Jiao Tong University China Chemistry Electrical Properties of Lithium Nanowire as Precision Resistors
Ashley Kim Monta Vista High School United States Chemistry Linear Carbon Chain Nanowires: Patterns in the Efficiency of Generating Current and Chain Length
Huy Huynh Stevenson School United States Chemistry Arsenic Contamination in Groundwater of the Rural Districts of Hanoi, Vietnam, and a Possible Remediation Method by Nanoscale Zero-Valent Iron
Haozhen Wu Shenzhen College of International Education China Computer Science Music Symbol Detection Method Based on Multiple Lightweight Target Detection Neural Networks
Mingxiao Song Dalian No.24 High School China Computer science K-means Clustering with Canopy and Generative Art
Yuxing Zhou Nanjing Foreign Languages School China Computer Science Towards Better Real-Time Human Segmentation in Videos
Vikhyath Mondreti The International School Bangalore India Computer Science A Complex Networks Approach to Analysing the Erdos-Straus Conjecture and Related Problems
Tian Gan Camberwell Girls Grammar School Australia Culture studies/ Ethnomusicology Expressing Regional Cultures through Music: Shaanxi Folksinger Ma Fei and Tibetan Rap Group ANU
Ruochen Jin The Woodlands High School United States Culture studies/ Ethnomusicology A Blended Culture: Greater Houston Area’s Native American Children’s Contest Powwow
Fengyi Ou Branksome Hall School Canada Economics Adverse Selection in the Chinese Healthcare System: Reducing Information Asymmetry to Optimize the Utilization of Hospital Capacity
Lunchen Song The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China China Economics Political Governance and Economic Performance: A Comparison of Two Special Economic Zones in Africa
Xinshi Ma BASIS International School Shenzhen China Economics An Institutional Analysis of the Military’s Role in the Egyptian Economy
Yudong Chen Beijing National Day School China Economics Topic Undisclosed
Bhavya Visal Inventure Academy India Economics Restricted Versus Free Internal Migration Policies: Case Studies of India and China
Saara Bhatia Jayshree Periwal International School India Economics What is the Role of Incomplete Information in Optimal Decision Making, When Used in an Unconventional Manner, Such as Knowing Private Information About Others Instead of Oneself
Victor Guely Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle United Kingdom Economics Can Game Theory Solve Brexit?
Aitong Zhong The Webb Schools United States Economics The Development of Robo-Advisors in Global Markets
Ryan Xie Phillips Exeter Academy United States Economics Customer Behavior in Online Marketplaces: Attentiveness to Price Framing on Amazon
Justine Kum Dulwich College Seoul South Korea Education Social Media and its Effects on the Foreign Language Curriculum for Undergraduate University Students
Yifei Chen WHBC of Wuhan Foreign Languages School China Engineering How Has Drip Irrigation Evolved to Contribute to the Elimination of Poverty and Starvation
Irene Chen Leland High School United States Engineering A Comprehensive Monte Carlo Simulation of the Single-Electron Transistor
Mehmet Eren Aldemir Bahcesehir High School for Science and Technology Turkey Engineering Modular and Affordable Crop Monitoring System
Yunfan Yang The Miami Valley School United States Engineering Arduino Wireless Mailbox Notifier
Yixuan Zhao Shenzhen College of International Education China Engineering/ Biology Computational Modeling and Simulation of Vulnerable Plaque in the Femoral Artery
Harshika Jalan Modern High School for Girls India Environmental Studies The Fate of Coral Reefs
Ziang Tong Nanjing Foreign Language School China Environmental Studies/ Engineering Design of a New Water Treatment Plant for Tongtan New Countryside Neighborhood
Zilong Wang WHBC of Wuhan Foreign Languages School China Film Studies The Fear in the Neo-Noirs-Noirs
Haiming Sun Jinan Foreign Language School China History Protestant Influence on Supreme Court Decisions Regarding Church-State Separation
Gayatri Sharma United World College of India India History How Was Ethnic Identity Constructed in the Balkans During the Yugoslav Wars in Former Yugoslavia?
Sarah Liu The Kent School United States History Science in Women’s Cosmetics of 17th Century Europe
Derek Jia Yu Zeng St. John`s School Canada International Relations Political Risk of Japan
Shiyu Zhu WHBC of Wuhan Foreign Languages School China International Relations Understanding the Impact of Membership in the European Union on Italy: To What Extent Does Membership in the EU Contribute to the Economic Slowdown Since the 1990s
Wei Zhou Keystone Academy China International Relations Political Risk of UK
Aditya Waddodagi Greenwood High International School India International Relations Political Risk of Sri Lanka
Neha Seshadri Mira Loma High School United States International Relations Political Risk of Venezuela
Sarah Sophie Schwarzhappel ERG Donaustadt Austria Literature The Concept of Home and Loss of Home as a Reality and a Metaphor in the Literature of Syrian Authors in Exile in German-Speaking Countries of Europe
Quan Zhou Beijing No.4 High School China Literature Love and Politics in The Tempest
Zichen Zhou Shanghai Starriver Bilingual School China Literature Shakespeare’s Allegory: Sins and Retribution in The Tempest
Cheng Qian High School Attached to Tsinghua University China Mathematics An Investigation in Tournaments with Bidirectional Arcs
Ziqian Jin The Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University China Mathematics Tetranacci Identities with Squares, Dominos, and Hexagonal Double- Strips
Ziyang Zheng The Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University China Mathematics Blockchain: Building Path to Utopia
Ronit Singhi Jayshree Periwal International School India Mathematics A Study on Graph Ramsey Numbers and Their Bounds
Michael Tulskikh East Mountain High School United States Mathematics Tilings of 2 × n Rectangular Strips Using Dominos and L-shaped Trominos
Bojun Jiao Beijing No.80 High School China Media Studies Chinese Parents: A Little Reunion or a Tremendous Breakdown? Discovering Chinese Families’ Relationships under the Gaokao System in Media
Yuanyuan Hao Beijing World Youth Academy China Media Studies Uses and Gratifications Research: Beijing Private High School Student’s WeChat Use
Xiyuan Zhao Fresno Christian School United States Media Studies Examining the Communication Styles of Chinese Vloggers and the Relationship Between the Public and the Vlogging Platform
Zitian Ye Beijing National Day School China Music Observations and Thoughts on Tchaikovsky’s Romance in F Minor
Sahana Prasanna Monta Vista High School United States Music Human Intuition, Perception, and Execution of a Five-Beat Versus a Seven-Beat Rhythmic Cycle
Fanyue Xia Nanjing Foreign Language School China Neuroscience Effects of Tactile Stimulation on Cognitive and Emotional Deficits in Alzheimer Patients
Leidan Chen Shenzhen Middle School China Neuroscience The Relation Between the Big Five Personality Traits and Pleasure Perception as Conveyed to the Brain by C-Tactile Nerve Fibers
Qiyang Wang Beijing No.80 High School China Neuroscience Crying and laughing: Factors Affecting Emotion Perception
Thao Pham Science Hill High School United States Neuroscience Adult Human Neurogenesis : Music Alleviates Clinical Depression by Stimulating Hippocampal Neurogenesis Augmenting Antidepressants Healing Effects
Victoria Che The Loomis Chaffee School United States Neuroscience Personality Differences and Dopaminergic Pathway in Addiction: A Proposal for Possible Preventative Measures
Zhiyun Zhao Proctor Academy United States Neuroscience The Collective Consciousness of Ants During Exploratory Behavior
Dihan Niloy DPS STS School Dhaka Bangladesh Philosophy Why Descartes Failed to Prove the Certainty of Any Knowledge
Yiyan Hao The Experimental High School Attached To Beijing Normal University China Philosophy Prioritizing the Meaning of Life: A Metaethical Analysis of Euthanasia
Zeyu Liu Keystone Academy China Philosophy Justice to Ren: The Self and Society in Ancient Greece and China
Xiaoyu Qiu Pegasus California School China Physics Visible Light Communication with the Application of Digital Filters
Zhechen Zhao The High School Attached to Renmin University of China China Physics Automated Measurement of the Fresnel Curve
Arush Ramteke Global Indian International School, Punggol Smart Campus Singapore Physics Evaluation of Atomistic Simulations in Considering Alloying Effect on Strength-Toughness Trade-Off of Aluminum Alloys
Aditya Bhardwaj Monta Vista High School United States Physics A Comparison of Linear Combination Fitting and Deconvolution Methods in an Analysis of Sulfur K-Edge XANES Spectra for Asphaltenes
Damian Musk Ad Astra School United States Physics Simulating the Computational Differences Between the Discrete Fourier Transform and Quantum Fourier Transform
Ling Qin The Church Farm School United States Physics Comparison of Edge Enhancement Techniques on Angiograms
Langqing Yi Vanke Meisha Academy China Physics/ Astronomy Using LIGO Data to Plot a Map for Multiple Events
Kaize Wu WHBC of Wuhan Foreign Languages School China Political Science How Should the Chinese Government Change the Mode of Eldercare Service Provision in China and Wuhan City?
Achint Das John P. Stevens High School United States Political Science Understanding the 2018 Ebola Outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Causes and Remedies
Paul Meadors Lakeland High School United States Political Science Young American Activists: Why American Youth Have Become Politicized
Meihan Lu Capital Normal University High School China Psychology Psychological Expectations and Stress Reduction: Examining the Contributing Role of Mindfulness
Yihan Chen WHBC of Wuhan Foreign Languages School China Psychology The Mediating Effect of Self-Focused Attention on Gender Difference in Depression
Jiaqi Feng Providence Day School United States Psychology A Comparison Study of the Effectiveness of Interpersonal Therapy for Dysthymic Adolescents
Katie Reveno Groton School United States Psychology/ Education How Boys and Girls Complete Homework Differently
Ashley Lin Union High School United States Psychology/ Environmental Studies Students as Environmental Activists: A Scholarly Review
Juan Suarez Gimnasio La Montaña Colombia Psychology/ Neuroscience An Interpretation Account of the Motion Silencing Illusion
Tianwen Chen Nanjing Foreign Languages School China Sociology Topic Undisclosed
Ting Lin International Department, The Affiliated High School of South China Normal University China Sociology Escape the Corset As a Counterpublic: Beauty Standards, Radical Feminism and Collective Action in South Korea
Carnell Zhou St. George`s School Canada STS A Tale of Two Astronomers: The Disparate Legacies of Thomas Harriot and Galileo Galilei
Qihang Xu St. George`s School Canada STS Virtual Reality: Applications and PTSD Treatment
Guankai Zhai Jining Confucius International School China STS Cockpit Instruments: A Historical Study of the Ergonomic Considerations in Aircraft
Ansh Nagwekar Bellarmine College Preparatory United States STS How Search Engines Affect the Exchange of Quality Information Across the Internet
Jingxing Gao Western Reserve Academy United States STS The Reality in Virtual Reality

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