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2023 pioneer research journal

Pioneer Academics announces the 30 original research papers that were selected for the 2023 Pioneer Research Journal, Volume 10, an international collection of certified undergraduate-level research. Published annually, the journal features the most outstanding scholarship generated by the global scholars enrolled in the Pioneer Research Program, the world’s only fully-accredited online research program providing U.S. college credit for exceptional high school students from around the world. 

Publication in the Pioneer Research Journal is a distinction achieved only after an intensive review process defined by thoroughness and objectivity. Each paper was nominated by one of Pioneer’s mentoring professors before undergoing a rigorous double-blind review by a member of the 52-member panel of faculty experts from top American universities and colleges. Reviewers evaluated each paper according to four criteria: engagement with scholarship, evidence and analysis, writing and organization, and scholarly contribution. The papers ultimately selected after undergoing this review represent 2%  of the research papers from Pioneer’s 2023 academic year. 

For the scholars whose work will be featured in Volume 10, the publication of their research was the culmination of a transformative experience defined by academic growth and the pursuit of each author’s intellectual passions. And while having their work selected for inclusion in the journal is a distinct honor, what was most meaningful to these scholars was the experience of conducting original research on topics for which they had great passion and that met the high academic standards that define Pioneer’s academic system.

Alikhan Serikuly, a student at the National School of Physics and Mathematics in Turkey, noted that he was of course thrilled when he learned his paper had been selected for the journal. He also stated, though, “I was totally happy with what I already got out of the Pioneer program – tons of knowledge and many new skills that are sure to help me in my academic journey down the road.”

Jaeim Paik, a student at the United World College of Southeast Asia in Singapore, shared a similar sentiment: “I was able to hone my research and communication skills, specifically developing a research method that best suits me and learning how I can build a cohesive argument around a central thesis.” She also reflected on how the collaborative nature of the Pioneer experience enriched her research. “I would never have been able to complete the process,” she said, “without the continued support of my professor as well as my cohort peers who provided constructive feedback and unique ideas that only strengthened my paper.”

Elaine Gao, a student from Jenks High School in the United States, highlighted the excitement that comes from creating new knowledge through original research. “Throughout the time I was working on my research,” she said, “the same thought flashed through my mind: I’m discovering something new here by evaluating human rights development through Hegelian philosophy.”

We are proud of every Pioneer scholar who worked so tirelessly in the pursuit of knowledge in the 2023 academic year, and we are thrilled to recognize the work of the 30 scholars whose work will be featured in Volume Ten of the Pioneer Research Journal when it is published!

See the chart below for a complete listing of the papers selected for the 2023 Pioneer Research Journal.

Scholar Name

Scholar School

Scholar Country/Region (by school)

Pioneer Research Area

Pioneer Research Topic

Jaeim Paik

United World College of Southeast Asia, East Campus


Anthropology/Sociology/Culture Studies

Environmental support around the world: To what extent are age and birth cohort a factor in determining attitudes towards environmental protection?

Jaeha Jang

Cranbrook Schools

United States

Anthropology/Sociology/Literature/Culture Studies/Gender Studies

Applications of and Challenges to Freud’s Oedipus Complex in Hermann Hesse’s Demian

Michael Gan

Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong



Reinterpreting Architectural Heritage: Reflecting the Past and Shaping the Future in the Adaptive Reuse of Columbia Circle

Yi Xin

Beijing Huijia Private School


Art History/Architecture

Transformations of the Great Mosque of Cordoba: Deciphering Political and Religious Messages in Medieval Spain

Lyndia Lu

Shanghai High School International Division



Predictive Modeling of Nucleoside Analog-Induced Antiviral Resistance Mutations in SARS-CoV-2

Siddharth Manne

Sreenidhi International School



Biological implications of human space exploration: microgravity and radiation dysregulated genes

Lev Ermakov

SkyView Academy

United States


Investigating the Potential of a CRISPR-CAS System SARS-CoV-2 Treatment Administered Through the Nasal Passage

Chenxu Zhang

Beijing City International School



The Relative Persuasiveness of Gain- and Loss-Framed Messages on Changing Drivers’ Attitudes Towards and Intentions to Perform Aggressive Driving Behaviors

Zhenpeng Liu

Guangdong Country Garden School



Unveiling the Mechanism of Allicin: A Molecular Docking Study on its Interaction with SARS-CoV-2 Main Protease (Mpro)

Alikhan Serikuly

Haileybury Almaty



Biochemical Properties and Potential Benefits of Creatine as a Dietary Supplement

Sihao Jiang

Nanjing Foreign Language School



Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations to Explore the Diffusion of Diabetes Drugs Through Thermosensitive Materials Available for Microneedles

Chengqi Ma

Shanghai Pinghe School



Associations between Country-Level Digitization, Formation of Imperfect Markets, and Firm-Level Productivity

Siheon Yang

Gangnam International School

South Korea

Economics/International Relations

Trade and Development: A Modified Model Approach and the Role of the Government

Yizai Yin

Robert Louis Stevenson School

United States


Why Do Girls Explore STEM Fields? Unfolding Reasons Behind Female Students’ Decisions to Participate in or Quit STEM Careers

Chloe Gu

Shanghai High School International Division


Engineering/Computer Science

Design of a Fine Motor Skill Training Smart Toy for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Tianyi Shen

Nanjing Foreign Language School


Environmental Studies

Treatment of Micro-Plastic Related Pollution in Sewages along the Yangtze River: Waste Water Treatment Plants versus Constructed Wetlands

Nehir Yel

Diyarbakir Bahcesehir College Science and Technology High School


Environmental Studies/Biology/Ecology

Global Warming and Altered Flowering Phenology: Ecological, Cultural, and Economic Dimensions

Yunxi Zhao

Chinese International School

China-Hong Kong

Environmental Studies/Ecology

Nanoparticle-mediated water remediation: Investigating the efficacy and ecological impact of Biosynthesized zinc oxide nanoparticles for removing heavy metal ions from contaminated water

Courtney Xia

Shanghai American School


Gender Studies/Sociology

How Do Sociocultural Norms Lead to Gender Segregation and the Wage Gap in the Legal Profession?

Jeremy Tu

Memorial High School

United States

Gender Studies/Sociology

An In(Queer)y Into Title VII: How Bostock v. Clayton County Fails Bisexual and Nonbinary Employees

Guqiao Wang

International Department, The Affiliated High School of South China Normal University



Colonialism and the Anglo-Chinese Curriculum in 19th-Century Hong Kong

Chase Teichholz

The Bronx High School of Science

United States


Navigating the Chaos: Scientific Advancement and War in the Seventeenth Century

Isabella Zhu

Buckingham Browne & Nichols School

United States


Poetry Translation in the Age of Machines via Julia de Burgos’ “Río Grande de Loíza”

Jayce T. Walton

Langley High School

United States


The Code in the Hat: Hamming Codes Applied to Ebert’s Hat Puzzle

Mihaela Tzvetkova

The American College of Sofia



Circadian Rhythms and Breast Cancer: Exploring the Molecular IntERαctions of the CLOCK Gene with Estrogen Receptor Alpha

Ziting Gao

Jenks High School

United States


Ad Infinitum: The Freedom-Centered Development of Human Rights Based on the Hegelian Speculative Philosophy of History

Eliana Du

West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South

United States


A Qualitative Comparison of the Fast Fourier Transform and the Morlet Wavelet Transform for Potential Depression Diagnosis Using Resting-State Electroencephalographic Data

Zixuan Hong

BASIS International School Guangzhou



A Meta-analysis of the Effect of Right-to-Work Laws on Labor Unions and Workers

Jiayi Wu

Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School


Sociology/Political Science/History

Shout through the Air: Rhetoric of China’s Lower-Class "Toilet Girl" as Empowerment and Subversion

Ryan Hong

Yongsan International School of Seoul

South Korea


Urbanization and Food Waste in South Korea: An Ethnographic and Cultural Analysis of the Food Supply Chain Dynamics

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