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In 2012, before Pioneer was Pioneer, four courageous young scholars became pioneers in a new academic program that allowed high school students to do independent research under the guidance of professors from top American universities. Two students each participated in the two programs that were offered, in the fields of anthropology and neuroscience. Since then, building on that small beginning, Pioneer Academics has developed an innovative academic system that allows participants to qualify for US college credits. The Pioneer Research Program is now one of the most selective enrichment programs, and has become an internationally respected online research program with 3014 alumni from 58 different countries and regions as of 2020.

Recently, Pioneer checked in with those first four students to see where they were and what they were doing now, and to discuss their time as the first Pioneer Research Scholars. They talked about both their experience when they did their research papers as high school students, and the long-term benefits of their Pioneer experience throughout college and in their present lives.</>

The following pages include profiles of each of the four original students, including what they are doing now:



A research mindset

Grounded Visionaries


Isabella 2020

A love of numbers


From Gap year

You can read the whole story of each scholar here:

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