Potential for Developers and Investors in Diabetes Apps to Profit by Improving the Chinese Healthcare Industry

About the Scholar: Cheng Xu grew up in China and attended WHBC of Wuhan Foreign Languages School in Wuhan, China.

The Research:

At least one in ten Chinese adults suffers from diabetes, accounting for 13% of national healthcare expenditure. Computer apps can provide reminders and monitor conditions to help people with diabetes make the lifestyle changes that are necessary to control the disease, but Cheng found only 40 Chinese apps, compared with 260 available on iTunes for the iPhone. She concludes that “the Chinese diabetes apps market is immature and needs improvement,” and recommends the creation of apps that would help provide patients with access to the entire range of services, potentially creating a 120-billion-yuan industry and saving countless lives.

ClientThe Car Rental Co
SkillsPhotography / Media Production

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