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The Forces Driving Socio-Cultural Evolution: Research on the Coexistence of Multiple Religions in Xinjiang

POSS Team: THUS Drivers Team Captain: Ruifei Liu Team Members: Bohui Zhan, Jize Li, Ruochong Zhang, Xiaochen Li, Yixue Zhang, Yuhao Chen, Xukan Zhang, Yaxuan Li, Jingyi Wang Synopsis: As the geological position determines Xinjiang in a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic situation, different religions have coexisted in the region since a distant time. This research discusses […]

The Forces Driving Socio-Cultural Evolution: The Transformation of the Doctor-Patient Relationship in China Under the COVID-19 Pandemic

POSS Team: PioneerOnePick Team Captain: Yutong Jiang Team Members: Xinlin Yu, Zihui Liu, Chenrui Zhang, Jialei Zeng Synopsis: In China, there is a group of warriors. They wear protective clothing, masks and goggles. They are on the front lines, building walls to protect ordinary people in the war between humans and viruses. We, five high school […]
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The Forces Driving Socio-Cultural Evolution: Analysis of Social-Cultural Forces through Appreciation of Female Image in Films and Television Works Produced in 2018-2020

POSS Team: Sland Team Captain: Hengyuan Wang Team Members: Yaxuan Zhou, Zhuonan Xu, Xinyi Deng, Yujie Cui Synopsis: On February 5th, Wuhan, China, many female doctors cut their hair short to improve their work efficiency in the battle against the pandemic. While there were voices complementing them as heroines, yet there were also critics arguing […]

The Forces Driving Socio-Cultural Evolution: Factors Influencing the Costumes of the Northern and Southern Song Dynasties

POSS Team: Datong PGA T5 Team Captain: Jiayun Diao Team Members: Jiawen Li, Yunxin Pang, Chuyan Peng, Youjia Qian, Yuqian Wang, Qi Wu, Qinlei Zhan, Haiman Zhang Synopsis: Why does the yield of rice affect the development of costumes? Why does the theory of Yin and Yang make the emperor love wearing red clothes? Why it […]
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Hank Lin

The Forces Driving Socio-Cultural Evolution

POSS Participant: Han Lin Synopsis: Overall, this paper discusses the development of Simplified Chinese. A “new language” that was developed in the 1940s.