Amy Li

Founding Director, Outreach and Communications


Amy Li is a Founding Director of Pioneer Academics. She leads reputation management and outreach and supports strategic planning. Prior to Pioneer, Amy founded Alpine Education in 2011 and served as CEO. Alpine’s offerings include college entrance consulting, curriculum development and personality-based individual development, the latter two were Alpine’s focus. She was an active contributor in forming the Pioneer concept and an advisor to the first pilot program. In 2014, Amy joined Pioneer as a full-time partner. To establish beyond question Pioneer’s policy of total independence from college entrance consulting, Amy discontinued Alpine’s services for individuals.

After university, Amy was employed as a PR specialist for Burson-Marsteller and Ketchum in China and was an English reporter for Radio Beijing and BTV. She subsequently earned her master’s degree in Strategic Public Relations from the journalism track of The Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, University of Southern California. She then served as a trainer in crisis management for executives in major multinational companies, among them Shell, The British Council, Mercedes Benz, and GE. Amy also worked as a branding officer at Yale University focusing on the Chinese market. There she advised on online open courses, courses which helped spark the development of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). (This experience gave her early insight into the tremendous potential of online education, which has proved integral to Pioneer’s success.)

Amy loves reading about science, and shares her enthusiasm with husband Matthew Jaskol, Founder and Director of Pioneer, and their little daughter.

From her high school days, Amy wished to make a difference in the world and dreamed of being a journalist because journalists serve as the voice of the public. Through her experiences as a trainer, she saw the profound potential of education which can shape the future of humanity and have an even greater impact on individuals and society as a whole.

Dear educator friend,

In the critical process of preparing students to transition to college, you are key. The
ramifications of your guidance are far-reaching.

The Pioneer Research Program believes that it, too, has a role to play in preparing students of special potential and passion for learning. This is a role we trust you will appreciate knowing about. Our mission is to offer a deep and otherwise unavailable opportunity to exceptionally motivated young scholars who want to learn and research at the college level and to explore their potential for innovation.

What makes Pioneer a unique deep-dive learning experience is not just the mentorship of distinguished professors. It is the rigorous quality controls developed conjointly by Pioneer and Oberlin College. Professors (must) adhere to rubrics for

1) setting learning goals;

2) syllabus development;

3) oversight, feedback and evaluation, and

4) grading standardization.

This rigorous academic system is supported by thorough admission process and a high-minded ethics code. The combination gives students an exceptional learning experience that is brought to fruition in a college-level research paper documenting their findings.

You can follow this link Pioneer’s concrete academic system to learn more about the academic system. Academic quality control and academic oversight assure Pioneer’s focus is on learning and learners, and therefore all of our practices were built upon the following principles:

No conflict of interests Pioneer’s academic ethical standards
Because of its high academic and ethical standards, the Pioneer program has earned the trust of college admissions departments and formed the basis for the ground-breaking collaboration with Oberlin College. Pioneer scholars get two college credits upon completing their Pioneer research.

Click to learn about Pioneer and Oberlin College's groundbreaking academic collaboration.

Pioneer has a rigorous admission process. Students who have genuine academic interests and are highly motivated are a good fit with Pioneer’s values. Pioneer’s founding board insisted that Pioneer commit to a professor-blind policy during the application process, ensuring that applicants have authentic field interest and correct priorities. Consequently, no information about professors is released before admission to the program. This policy is much appreciated and respected by universities. Professor-blind admission policy
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If you have additional questions, feel free to let us know how we can help you by emailing or calling 855-572-8863.


Matthew Jaskol

Founder & Program Director