Pioneer | 10th year anniversary

Pioneer unparalleled

The exclusively respected research program/institute


28% acceptance of 4300 applicants

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“Pioneer is one of the few summer research programs that is selective and that is known among top universities. Those that are selective are trusted.”

Matt Pohl,
The former associate director of admissions at Upenn & Wharton



Established the ultimate academic standards

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“Pioneer and Oberlin share a commitment to rigorous educational standards and inquiry across a wide range of academic disciplines.”

Michael Parkin,
Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Oberlin College



10-year track record of Pioneer scholars continuing on to the most selective colleges

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“Pioneer is a trusted entity in college admissions”

Mary Hetlage,
The former director of admissions at University of Chicago

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Congratulations from Pioneer’s long-standing partners

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    On behalf of the “Bilim-Innovation”, I congratulate your team, partners, and scholars on the Pioneer Academics anniversary. 

    Thank you for erasing the socioeconomic barrier and making us part of your educational community and the community of young, bold scientists. We thank you for giving our students tools, mentorship and rigor to explore various research interests, question existing scientific findings, and generate and work on their ideas. 

    As a network of schools that focuses on quality education and sciences, we share your vision. We believe that together we will raise inspiring agents of change who will stand firm and pursue meaningful goals. We wish Pioneer Academics to grow, prosper, and celebrate many more anniversaries.


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    “Bilim-Innovation” International Community Fund
    Azamat Tulepbergenov

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    Happy 10th Anniversary to Pioneer Academics! Thank you for being a leader in providing research opportunities through a system of quality and integrity for our students at Hisar School, Istanbul. 

    Thank you for cultivating their curiosities with academic structures and university faculty mentors, and empowering them to develop a sense of global citizenship and innovative research and problem solving skills to meet the challenges of the future. 

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    Hisar School (Turkey)
    Michelle Duschang
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    My team at NOVA International Schools and I have been privileged to work with the Pioneer Academics team for the past six years;
    Though we pride ourselves on academic excellence and rigor, thus preparing our students for the beautiful challenges of higher education and academia, those who were accepted and mentored by Pioneer are given a real footing into the door of higher ed, through the exceptionally well-structured mentorship program Pioneer provides.
    What is more – it gives students something which is truly rare, namely an opportunity to build and practice confidence in their research skillset, while at the same time remaining open to understanding how much can be learnt from mistakes and failed science experiments.
    Indeed, students come out and through this uniquely guided mentorship experience better prepared for the reality of why asking relevant questions matters, even or especially when there are no conclusive answers in sight.
    We hope the team of Pioneer Academics continues to expand its focus and scope, so that more students globally are able to participate meaningfully in sustainable research practices, which they would then be able to share with their respective communities.

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    Nova International Schools
    Bela Gligorova

Special offering of Pioneer’s 10th anniversary year

Pioneer is deeply committed to offering intriguing and rigorous learning experiences to students. 

In 2020, when the pandemic crippled summer programs and opportunities, we swiftly put together a free research project for high school students.

Now celebrating Pioneer’s 10th anniversary, we offer special free programs – The Pioneer Research Summit, the Instagram event, and the Research Immersion Seminar.

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The Pioneer Research Summit

We are excited to announce that Pioneer is launching its 1st annual summit in our 10th anniversary year. It will be a dynamic gathering of the students, educators and opinion leaders.

Sept 30 (Friday) EST







Longitudinal Study on Young Researchers

Johns Hopkins University Researcher


Special dedication to Long-serving Faculty



Access to Extracurricular Activities



The Art of a Research Question



Transformative education


Oct 01 (Saturday) EST







Keynote Speech

Warren Berger


The Changing Landscape of College Admissions



How Necessary is Gifted Education



Essence of Research Rigor



Academic program fair



Impact Award


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The Research Immersion Seminar

The Research Immersion Seminar is free to any students who are curious about research.

Dates (US Eastern Standard Time)


Time (US EST)

August 27


10:00 - 11:00 AM

September 17


7:00 - 8:00 PM

October 1


10:00 – 11:00 AM

October 15


7:00 – 8:00 PM

Increase your chances of getting admitted by applying early! The Pioneer 2023 Spring-through-summer application season starts.
Click here to register for an info session. Click here to apply.

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        • Considering students have significantly fewer options for their summer enrichment, Pioneer adjusted the cohort size from maximum 5 to maximum 6 so that we can offer the opportunity to more students. Please be aware that Pioneer will only expand cohorts which we feel sure will not be compromised in any way by a slight increase in participation. Some areas, therefore, may stay at a maximum of 5 because the nature of the course requires heavier coaching.


        • Pioneer admissions still requires the same application materials, but we may adjust the timing in response to current realities. If you can work with your counselor to collect your official transcript and counselor evaluation and submit them soon after you submit your application, it will speed up the process. Pioneer admissions requires an official transcript and counselor evaluation to process applications for the final round. If these items won't be available during the process due to COVID-19, applicants must submit evidence that the school's counseling office is closed. Pioneer admissions will then decide what adjustment shall be granted.