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2019 Journal announcement
Note: due to unforeseen circumstances caused by Covid-19, the evaluation and selection process for the 2019 Pioneer Research Journal was delayed. We thank all of the parents, teachers, and – most importantly – students, for your patience during this process.  Pioneer Academics’ Research Program is the world’s only online research program providing US college credit...
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POSS third article picture
Across the world, educational institutions are grappling with how best to address the realities of COVID-19 with their students. Pioneer Academics took an innovative approach with Pioneer Open Summer Study (POSS), a collaborative, research-based academic program offered free of charge to interested high school students. In three courses, students dove into the topic of COVID-19...
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Nidhi website photo
“I learned from Pioneer how to do research right!” Pioneer Scholar Nidhi Pioneer Scholar Nidhi, from Bangalore, India, had two goals when she applied to participate in her Pioneer Research Program. She was hoping the Pioneer program would help her figure out what she wanted to study in college, and she wanted to assure herself...
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Inside High Ed news cover
Recently, Inside Higher Ed, a major education publication, featured Pioneer Academics in an article discussing the risks of in-person learning during the pandemic and difficulties students face during COVID19. Universities face significant challenges in reopening due to the nature of college life, such as dormitories and dining halls, as well as the fact that many...
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EdSurge for website
A recent article in the online education industry publication EdSurge took a good look at Pioneer’s innovative POSS (Pioneer Open Summer Study) Program and was very appreciative, and not just because this program—a response to Pioneer academic panel seeing many summer opportunities evaporating as a result of COVID-19 — was entirely free. The author noted...
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Pioneer Spotlight Christina
“I wanted to challenge myself and really accomplish something with my writing.” Pioneer Scholar Christina Pioneer Scholar Christina from New York, USA, is willing to challenge herself and able to “think outside the box.” Those qualities helped her accomplish her goals in participating in the Pioneer Research Program. By challenging herself, she improved her writing...
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POSS update news首图
When Director Matthew Jaskol introduced POSS (Pioneer Open Summer Study) as a unique online program for the summer of 2020, it was in response to a need created by COVID-19 and the reality that virtually all in-person summer study programs for high school students had been canceled. At that point, it was clear that there...
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eSchoolNews for website
eSchool News, a publication that covers education innovation and technology, featured Pioneer’s POSS program as the “first ever Covid-19 independent study.” Pioneer’s academic panel, which consists of Pioneer’s team as well as university professors, developed POSS as an open resource to support high school students around the world during Covid-19. As Covid-19 forced many in-person...
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