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Matthew Jaskol


Pioneer Alumni at Northwestern

Pioneer on Campus: Northwestern University

Northwestern University, founded in 1851 and based in Evanston, Illinois, is known for stewarding the education of a prodigious number of mankind’s greatest achievers, including 42 Pulitzer winners, 22 Nobel Laureates, 10 living billionaires, and 24 Olympic medalists. If that’s not impressive enough, Northwestern also admitted 43 Pioneer Scholars in 2020 and 2021. Several Pioneer...
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Music Theory Research

Music Theory Methodology: Seeing Music Through a Different Lens

While research in music theory at Pioneer is unique, its methodological approach is not unlike other research areas in the humanities, such as architecture. Those wishing to gain more insight into music theory methodology may also benefit from reading this article about research methodology in the humanities. Just as Pioneer scholars in the humanities often...
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Pioneer Alumni at Cornell

Pioneer on Campus: Cornell University

You’ve seen it on a t-shirt or a bumper sticker, but we’ll say it again: “Ithaca is Gorges.” With over 150 waterfalls within 10 miles of Ithaca, it’s no wonder that Ezra Cornell built the institution that bears his name in this verdant paradise. Cornell is truly connected to the area it resides on, as...
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Angel Scholar Spotlight

Pioneer Scholar Spotlight: Angel

Pioneer scholar Angel, from Shanghai, China, became passionate about mental health and social justice issues when she was a boarding student at high school in California. Her roommate had mental health problems, and Angel didn’t understand enough about such issues to be able to help. Her feeling of powerlessness inspired her to want to learn...
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Pioneer Scholars and their Research Journeys

A Winding Path: Pioneer Scholars and their Research Journeys

For many Pioneer scholars, the topic they choose to explore in the program often changes once they begin working closely with their professor. Many students also revise their topics based on the advice other scholars provide in group sessions. “Being able to share my findings with my professor and peers who validated and encouraged my...
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Pioneer Alumni at University College London

Pioneer on Campus: University College London

Pioneer scholars are an international bunch, and for this edition of Pioneer on Campus we take a break from schools in the United States and head to the U.K. to visit with alumni at University College London (UCL). UCL is one of the top research institutions in the UK, and one of four universities that...
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Pioneer Alumni at Dartmouth

Pioneer on Campus: Dartmouth College

Lace up your best boots, because it’s time to hike up to Hanover for this edition of Pioneer on Campus! Hanover is home to Dartmouth College, and 27 Pioneer alumni admitted to the college in 2020 and 2021. Almost 14 miles of the famed Appalachian Trail run directly through town, so you know that many...
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IB Web Cover

For Pioneer scholars enrolled in IB diploma programs, Pioneer offers a chance to deepen academic inquiry

Since 2012, over 4000 students from 71 countries were selected and  have participated in the Pioneer research program. Pioneer scholars have diverse educational backgrounds, whether they be derived from a national curriculum or an advanced academic program such as AP, IB, or A-Levels. There is no one educational profile that is right for Pioneer, and...
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Baris Scholar Spotlight

Pioneer Scholar Spotlight: Baris

Pioneer scholar Baris, from Turkey, wants to change the world. His Pioneer experience gave him tools that he hopes to use to accomplish that goal. “I live in a country that is in the middle of everything,” says Baris. Turkey borders eight countries, with influences from the Middle East, the Balkans, Russia and Europe, and...
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Pioneer students in front of a desert background

Overcoming Unique Challenges in the Pioneer Research Program

Let’s not sugar-coat it. Pioneer is hard. It’s not for the faint-hearted, nor for the student for whom academic success has come easily and expects their Pioneer experience to be the same walk in the park. Pioneer is for students who are up for a challenge and possess—or are willing to develop—GRIT. Angela Duckworth, professor...
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