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Higher Education Financing Around the World

College education tends to serve as the pathway to advanced careers and quality of life for young people. The pressure does not just come from getting into colleges but also from taking the financial burden of finishing undergraduate education. 

As the world’s only fully accredited online research institute for high school students, Pioneer Academics offers need-based scholarships to all admitted students who prove their financial needs. It is one of our missions to help our students transcend financial barriers in pursuit of the best education. 

For a college education, it is necessary to look at how much higher education costs. Does it encourage the young population to get advanced education, or the opposite?  We’ve gathered data from 10 countries to shed light on this question.

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College Cost in the United States

Perhaps the most rapidly growing tuition rates are in the United States. While there are several scholarships and grants available, students paying the full cost can expect, on average, $9,375 USD yearly for a public college and $35,852 USD for a private college tuition. 

Combining all additional living expenses, a 4-year degree can cost on average $90,816 USD for public and $196,724 for private. 

College Cost in Germany

Great news for German students, public college tuition is free! Students may incur minor fees relating to enrollment and registration, but the main cost for students is in housing and living expenses. Private universities are still an option, which will cost you about $35,000 USD yearly. Calculated altogether, public universities will cost about $57,600 USD, and private universities will be $197,600 USD for a 4-year degree. 

College Cost in Japan

If you want to go and study in Japan, you need to pass their exam first, the EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students).

It is an examination designed for foreign students who wish to enroll and study at Japanese universities. It tests basic academic knowledge (Science, Japan and the World, and Mathematics). Once you are able to pass the exam, you will be able to study there. The average cost of a public university is $6,804.36 USD per year, while a private university is $23,414.49 USD per year on average.

Living expenses can vary greatly if you decide to study in a modern prefecture or a more suburban one. If you are studying for four years, the total will be $65,156.04 USD for public and $131,596.56 for private. 

College Cost in China

China is the most populous country in the world, meaning that it is very competitive to get into college. The average cost of college for public school is $4,700 USD per year, while private is $46,000 USD per year.

A massive portion of their household income can be dedicated to education, as it is deeply valued in the culture. Due to this, students do their best to achieve academic success for themselves and their families. For a four-year degree, a student is expected to pay $77,200 USD for a public education or up to $242,400 USD for a private institution. 

College Cost in Brazil

Public college is free for Brazilian students. For private education, you will need to pay up to $15,000 USD per year. While college is free for public schools due to it being funded by the government, the students still need to pay for the cost of living and other expenses. 

For a four-year course, a student in a public college will need to pay $16,800 USD in living expenses, while a student from a private college pays $78,600 USD.

College Cost in Finland

Finland has one of the highest-quality education systems in the world, so you can expect the colleges to be just as top tier. Not only that but homework isn’t allowed. This creates a good balance between academics and recreational activities that will keep students from burning out.

The cost is surprisingly lower than you would expect. The average year of college can cost from $6,279.27 USD to $18,840.24 USD. For a 4 year course, the price is $26,372.76 USD to $76,616.64 USD.

College Cost in UAE

The curriculum in UAE is very particular with a high focus on 5 main subjects: ethics, personal and community development, culture and heritage, civic education, and rights and responsibilities. In 2015, innovation and entrepreneurship were added into the curricula of both public and private higher education institutions in the UAE. 

With the constant improvement of the educational system, the price of college is rising. It can range from $11,503.37 USD to $25,762.01 USD per year. For a four year course, the total ranges from $48,743.08 USD up to $108,507.24 USD. 

College Cost in England

In the UK, you might have heard of students talking about A Levels. A-Levels (Advanced Level qualifications) are a UK subject-based qualification for students aged 16 and above. They are 2 years of studies that give you qualifications for entrance to higher education institutions in the UK.

Due to this, students are given more opportunities and time to find their dream course. The yearly tuition fee can range from $12,196.35 USD up to $46,346.13 USD for private schools. For a four year course, the prices can go from $180,791.64 USD to $317,390.76 USD.

College Cost in Australia

If you are thinking about studying in Australia, know that English isn’t the only language there. The most common non-English spoken languages are Greek, Italian, Arabic, Mandarin, Arabic, Cantonese, and Vietnamese.

Not only is it culturally diverse, but 7 out of the top 50 universities in the world can be found in Australia. This makes it a great melting pot for cultures and educational opportunities. The average yearly cost of college there is $20,000 USD for public universities and $45,000 USD for private universities. For a four year course, this can lead up to $225,138.44 for public and $325,138.44 for private. 

College Cost in South Korea

Education is a major factor in success in South Korea. In the past, South Korea’s literacy rate was only 22% and only a few people go to college. Due to its focus on education, that has climbed to 97.9% and shows how the country has positioned itself as one of the new emerging countries. 

College prep classes are quite common as the competitive nature of getting into a good college is highly valued. This creates an environment of academically excellent students with a strong work ethic. The average cost of college per year is $16,800 USD, and for a four-year college, the course can go up to $74,400 USD.

The Value of Preparation

Education throughout the world is constantly improving to meet the needs of specialized sectors, and generally, the cost is rising too. It will be wise to start making financial preparations for college education early on. Do not forget to check out resources dedicated to helping students get there.

Higher education is a pivotal moment in a student’s life, where they embark on a journey to pursue their passion and build a foundation for their future. At Pioneer Academics, we understand the value of higher education and the importance of providing students with a supportive environment to achieve their academic and personal goals.

As an organization dedicated to cultivating the next generation of scholars and leaders, Pioneer Academics strives to uphold core values that align with the principles of higher education. These values include academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, mentorship, and the pursuit of genuine interests.

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