Pioneer Scholars Share Their Early Decision and Early Action Destinations

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Pioneer Scholars Share Their Early Decision and Early Action Destinations

We would like to applaud all our Pioneer alumni for their academic efforts and achievements. All of their hard throughout high school and during the Pioneer Research Program will support them in a smooth transition to university life. Some of our alumni shared with us their Early Decision and Early Action round of admissions. We are happy to see this group of Pioneer Scholars beginning to transition to the next stage of academic and personal development.

Pioneer Scholars from the high school class of 2020 will begin their university studies next fall at MIT, Caltech, Stanford, Dartmouth, Yale, Princeton, Swarthmore, Amherst, and the University of Chicago, among others. For a selected list of their offers, as well as their high schools and Pioneer Research Paper titles, we invite you to see the charts below. For the full list of college admissions (updated each June), please visit

UniversitiesStudents’ High SchoolPioneer Research Paper 
Brown University (3)Leland High SchoolA Comprehensive Monte Carlo Simulation of the Single-Electron Transistor
Greenwood High International SchoolAn Exploration of Strategies in Walker-Breaker Games
YK Pao SchoolGender Concepts, Transgenderism and Transhumanism
California Institute of TechnologyWhitney M. Young Magnet High SchoolSulfur K-edge Micro-X-ray Absorption Near-Edge Spectroscopy
  (XANES) Using Synchrotron Radiation
Carnegie Mellon University (3)Beijing No.101 High School The Psychology of Emotions, Resilience, and Health: The Effect of Music on Reducing Stress
Wyoming Seminary College Preparatory SchoolSymmetric Patterns in Generated Fractals: Multibrot Set and Polynomial Fractals
The Affiliated High School of Peking UniversitySelf-Driving Cars as a Socio-Technical System for Changing Young and Unmarried Workers’ Lifestyles
Carnegie Mellon University- Business SchoolWHBC of Wuhan Foreign Languages School Understanding the Impact of Membership in the European Union on Italy: To What Extent Does Membership in the EU Contribute to the Economic Slowdown Since the 1990s
Columbia University (7)Sage Hill SchoolUsing Game Theory to Analyze America’s Defeat in the Vietnam War
St. George’s Senior SchoolPolitical Risk of Nigeria
The Loomis Chaffee SchoolQuantum Key Distribution: Current Imperfections
Berkshire SchoolNature and Artifice: A Comparative Analysis on The Last Supper by Leonardo and Tintoretto
American Embassy SchoolStakeholder Analysis: An Explanation of the Botswana Paradox
Saint Anselm’s Abbey SchoolThe Daoist Perspectives on Nature
Shanghai YK Pao School Machiavelli’s Realism and Consequentialism
Cornell University (10)St. John’s SchoolPolitical Risk of Japan
YK Pao School Cockpit Instruments: A Historical Study of the Ergonomic Considerations in Aircraft
DPS STS School DhakaThe Behavior of Lithium as a Nanowire
The International School BangaloreA Study of Chirality and Electrical Properties in Carbon Nanotubes
The Athenian SchoolComparisons Between Mathematics Curricula in China and the United States
Shanghai Southwest Weiyu Middle School The Role of Neutrinos in Physics and Astronomy
Majestic International CollegeAn Approach Based on Long Short-Term Memroy for Micro-Expression Recognition
Jayshree Periwal International SchoolThe Effectiveness of Simple Machine Learning Models for Stock Price Prediction
The Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal UniversityPhotoresistor Calibration using Planck’s Law
St. George’s SchoolRepetitive Continued Fractions, and Fibonacci and Lucas Numbers
Dartmouth College (4)Istanbul Bahcesehir High School for Science and TechnologyModular and Affordable Crop Monitoring System
Nanjing Foreign Languages School  Topic Undisclosed
Plano West Senior High SchoolPeer-to-Peer Lending And The Need to Reimagine Financial Regulations
Pine Crest High SchoolA Correlational Study of Physical Attractiveness and the Presidential Office
Duke University (3)Basis International School Shenzhen An Institutional Analysis of the Military’s Role in the Egyptian Economy
Hwa Chong Institution, SingaporeMetabolic Engineering of a Novel Sunscreen Compound by Heterologous Escherichia coli Host
York Mills Collegiate InstituteA Comparative Analysis of the Efficiency of Chinese and American Economic Systems: Socialist Market Economies and Free Market Economies
Emory University (7)International Department, the Affiliated High School of South China Normal UniversityEvaluation of How Renewable Energy and Carbon Capture & Sequestration Smooth the Urgent Transition to a Low-Carbon Society
The Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal UniversityThe Performance of Single and Multi-Junction Solar Cells
Vanke Meisha Academy How Adolescents with Gender and Personality Differences in China and the US Differ in Pain Intensity, Pain Tolerance Thresholds and fMRI Scans
TMI EpiscopalA Psychoanalysis Study on 60s Hippie Rebellion and Interests in the East Culture
Shanghai American School Pudong Touching upon the Sense of Touch: The Effects of Aging on Object Discrimination
Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal UniversityRhythmic Analysis of Three Miao Folklores and Their Common Features
Beijing AcademyAnalysis of Spain’s Entrepreneurial Intentions According to the Theory of Planned Behavior and GEM Data
Georgetown UniversityCarondelet High SchoolThe Effect of Education, Personal Economic Situation, and Gender on Non-Voting in Latin America
Johns Hopkins University (7)Providence Day SchoolA Comparison Study of the Effectiveness of Interpersonal Therapy for Dysthymic Adolescents
Mercy High School BurlingameStem Cell Therapy for Ischemic Stroke: A Comparison and Combination of Current Rehabilitation Methods
Church Farm SchoolComparison of Edge Enhancement Techniques on Angiograms
Guangdong Experimental High SchoolCauses and Solutions of Modern Ethnic Conflict: A Comparison Study of Indonesia and Malaysia
WHBC of Wuhan Foreign Languages School How Has Drip Irrigation Evolved to Contribute to the Elimination of Poverty and Starvation
Hangzhou Foreign Languages SchoolProperties of Different Lithium Chains Under Different Electric Fields
The Hun School of PrincetonTruth in De Propria Vita
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (3)Bahcesehir High School for Science and TechnologyThe Key Exchange Problem in Classical and Quantum Computing
Whitney M. Young Magnet High SchoolSulfur K-Edge Micro-X-Ray Absorption Near-Edge Spectroscopy (XANES) using Synchrotron Radiation
Carondelet High SchoolThe Effect of Education, Personal Economic Situation, and Gender on Non-Voting in Latin America
New York University (8)Beijing No.2 Middle School Political Risk of Venezuela
YK Pao SchoolImpact Valuation of Shanghai Young Bakers
Saint Francis High SchoolHow Should Firms React to Celebrity Scandals?
International Department, the Affiliated High School of South China Normal UniversityPotential Impacts of Brexit on British Enterprises and Possible Countermeasures to Balance Gains and Losses
Beijing No.2 Middle School Extension of Reality: Online Video Game Effect on Chinese Youth
Hangzhou No.14 High SchoolWomen’s Authority and Influence on Ordinary Women—Factors That Result in the Difference of Styles of Leadership
Jiangsu Tianyi High SchoolThe Differences Between the Modern and the 20th Century Women Recruiting Posters in United States
Wuhan Foreign Languages School The Fear in the Neo-Noirs-Noirs
Northwestern University (12)The Awty International SchoolA Review of the Effects of Sensory Retraining in the Form of Electrical Stimulation on the Upper Limb After Stroke
Liger Leadership AcademyAnalysis of Facebook Fast-Food Ads in Cambodia
Vernon Hills High SchoolRehabilitation Technologies for Balance and Locomotion in Cerebellar Stroke
Sewickley AcademyProgressive Social Movements and American Christianity
YK Pao SchoolThe Environmental And Ecological Implications Of Microplastics Released By Fast Fashion And Other Manufactured Goods
Loomis ChaffeeThe X-Ray Absorption Near-Edge Structures Experiment: Basic Principles and the Determination of Sulfur Structures in Asphaltene in Crude Oils
International Department, the Affiliated High School of South China Normal UniversityGalileo’s Misssing Letter
Beijing National Day SchoolComparison of Determinants of Entrepreneurial Intentions in China and the USA
The Affiliated High School of Peking UniversityThe Effect of Fandom on People’s Susceptibility to Pseudo-Set Framing
Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University Macroeconomic Factors and Structural Reforms in the Context of US-China Trade Tensions
The Miami Valley SchoolArduino Wireless Mailbox Notifier
Shanghai Pinghe School The Distinctive Role of the Leader and Interpersonal Relationships in Social Energy Groups
Princeton University (3)**Academy. Student prefers not to discloseIndirect Observation of the Optical Talbot Effect Through the Intensity-Position Characteristics of Coherent Light Passing Through a Ronchi Grating
African Leadership AcademyToads and Frogs vs. Toads and Frogs
Jayshree Periwal International SchoolA Study on Graph Ramsey Numbers and Their Bounds
Rice University (8)Jinan Foreign Languages school Protestant Influence on Supreme Court Decisions Regarding Church-State Separation
Qingdao No.2 Middle SchoolAn Introduction to Bellman-Ford Algorithm and Dijkstra’s Algorithm
Fort Walton Beach High SchoolDevelopment of a Robotic Hand with Sensory-Motor Capacities Which are Found in the Normal Human Hand
School for the Talented and GiftedThe Invisible Culture of Pain and the Opioid Crises
Beijing National Day School Will Individual Prominence Affect High Social Energy Groups’ Performance?
High School Attached to Hunan Normal UniversityThe U.S. Government’s, Media’s, and Missionaries’ Attitude to Yuan ShiKai’s Monarchial Movement
The Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal UniversityHow Can Ticket Selling and Sponsorship Affect the Popularity and Revenue Generation of Sports Events in Singapore?
High School Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong UniveristyElectrical Properties of Lithium Nanowire as Precision Resistors
Stanford University (3)Achievement First Brooklyn High SchoolThe Intensifying Species Problem and Conservation
St. George’s SchoolThe Optimal Gold Nanostructure for Targeted Drug Delivery and Photothermal Ablation in Cancer Therapeutics
Hilltop High SchoolModulating Secretases, Tau, and Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines as Models for Alzheimer’s Disease Therapies
Tufts UniversityHwa Chong InstitutionImpacts of the Gaullist External Policy Approach in the Macron Era on Franco-German Relations and EU Integration in Defence and Security
University of Chicago (6)Pine Crest SchoolThe Ceiling of the Cappella Palatina: Norman Sicily’s Diversity and Artistic Style Under Roger II
WHBC of Wuhan Foreign Languages School How Should the Chinese Government Change the Mode of Eldercare Service Provision in China and Wuhan City?
Robert CollegeModern Fanaticism and Its Representation in Major International Broadcast Media
The Governor’s AcademyA Macroeconomic Analysis on German Economy: Investigating the
  Post-Unification Economy Through Traditional Macroeconomic Tools
Shenzhen College of International Education Words and Bodies: A Genealogy of Homosexuality in China
International Department, the Affiliated High School of South China Normal University Familiar Strangers: A Discourse Analysis of Han-Hui Relations in China
University of Pennsylvania (8)Nanjing Foreign Languages SchoolTreating Autism Spectrum Disorder by Targeting Mutated SHANK3 Protein
Friends Select SchoolX-ray Absorption Near-Edge Structure Spectroscopic Analysis of Asphaltene Chemical Structures
Flintridge Preparatory SchoolBob Jones University v. United States: The Erosion of a Separate Church and State
Portola High SchoolWhy Would Different Laws of Physics in Other Universes Not Let Life Exist?
The Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal UniversityCurrent Communication Assistive Devices for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: a Review
Hangzhou Foreign Languages School Behaviors Young Males Perform When They See Young, Attractive Girls on the Street
Shenzhen Foreign Languages SchoolNo Way Out: a Psychoanalytic Approach to the Role of Grendel’s Mother in Beowulf
Xi’an Gaoxin No.1 High School Tough Decisions in Chaotic Times: Agency and Decision Making in China’s Revolutions
University of RochesterShanghai Datong High SchoolExploring Alzheimer’s Disease on a Cell Molecular Level
University of Virginia (2)WHBC of Wuhan Foreign Languages School Understanding the Impact of Membership in the European Union on Italy: To What Extent Does Membership in the EU Contribute to the Economic Slowdown since the 1990s?
Nanjing Foreign Languages School Alcohol Increases Risk for Esophageal Cancer Through Enhancing Folate Deficiency in One-Carbon Metabolism
Vanderbilt University (6)San New SchoolWho Are Grittier? Students from One-Child Families or Students from Multi-Child Families?
Capital Normal University High School Psychological Expectations and Stress Reduction: Examining the Contributing Role of Mindfulness
YK Pao School Neo-Confucianism and Science in China
Shanghai Pinghe School Investigating Differences Between Two Types of English Teaching in China
Hangzhou Foreign Languages School The Solutions for the Current Chinese Recycling Industry
Shanghai Pinghe SchoolThe Economic Relationship between Canada and the United States:
  A Data-Based Analysis from a Canadian Perspective
Washington University in St. LouisThe High School Affiliated to Renmin University of ChinaAutomated Measurement of the Fresnel Curve
Yale University (4)Walt Whitman High SchoolEfficacies of Reactive Balance Intervention on the Fall Prevention of Different Levels of Impairment in Individuals Post-Stroke
Georgetown Day SchoolThe Structure of Kaiser Permanente and Its Effects on Kaiser’s Response to HIV/AIDS
International Department, the Affiliated High School of South China Normal University The Effects of 1968 Columbia University Student Protests on the Governance of American Universities
Beijing No.4 High School, International CampusLove and Politics in The Tempest

High School
Pioneer Research Paper Title
Amherst CollegeAlexander Early College High SchoolSocial Justice in a Non-American America
Barnard CollegeUWC Mahindra CollegeHow Was Ethnic Identity Constructed in the Balkans During the Yugoslav Wars in Former Yugoslavia?
Bates CollegeAchievement First Brooklyn High SchoolCharter Schools vs. Public Schools: Is Education Equitable?
Bowdoin CollegeBeijing No.4 High School International CampusColonial Consequences: How British Rule in Hong Kong (1842-1997) and Japanese Rule in Taiwan (1895-1945) Shaped Distinct and Fragmented Identities
Colorado College (2)Shenzhen College of International EducationRepresentations of Chinese Feminists in Chinese Media
YK Pao SchoolMapping Culture Through Wine: A Study of Chinese Alcoholic Beverage Production and Consumption
Davidson CollegeInternational Department, High School Affiliated to SCNUTaiping Heavenly Kingdom: The Role of Ideology in Its Early Stage
Macalester CollegeHanoi – Amsterdam High School for the GiftedCareer Orientation Efforts For High School Students In The United States And Their Implication For Vietnamese Education
Smith CollegeShanghai Foreign Language SchoolAttachment, Satisfaction, and Relationship Visibility on Social Networking Sites
Swarthmore College (2)Beijing AcademyThe Enhancement of the Thermoelectric Figure of Merit of PbTe by Alloying with Large Bandgap GaTe and CdTe
Chengdu Shude High SchoolLight Source Detection Based on Shadow
Vassar CollegeChengdu Shude High SchoolMadonna’s Root in the Pagan Goddess
Wellesley College (4)Indian Springs SchoolTiktok: A Sociotechnical System for Unconscious Time Wasting
UWC Costa RicaAnti-Heroes in Modern Media
United World College ChangshuHuman Responses to Tragedy in Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning
Shanghai Starriver Bilingual SchoolModern Architecture Is In a Trend of Becoming Universal

Other US Universities: Early Action
Babson College (2)Baylor UniversityBrevard College
Carthage CollegeDrexel UniversityDurham University (4)
Emerson CollegeFordham University (6)Grand Valley State University
Indiana University – Bloomington (3)Northeastern UniversityOhio Northern University
Ohio State University (3)Pennsylvania State University (3)Rose-Hulman College (3)
Rutgers University (2)Salisbury UniversitySarah Lawrence College
Southern Methodist UniversitySt. Andrews UniversityUniversity of Illinois — Urbanan Champaign (51)
University of GeorgiaUniversity of Massachusetts – Amherst (3)University of Miami
University of Michigan-Ann ArborUniversity of Minnesota – Twin Cities (6)University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill (2)
University of Pittsburgh (2)University of Texas at Austin (2)University of Washington
Webster University  

Non-US Universities
King’s College London (3)SOAS University of LondonThe University of Edinburgh (6)
University College London (9)University of Manchester (5)University of St. Andrews (3)
University of TorontoUniversity of Warwick (5) 

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