February 18, 2022


presidential education in the USA

Infographic – U.S. Presidents and Higher Education: Charting 45 Unique Journeys to the Oval Office

Since George Washington took his oath from a Wall Street balcony in 1789, we have had forty-six different presidencies in the United States. That’s forty-six presidencies to celebrate on President’s Day, even if only forty-five individuals actually held the office. Grover Cleveland went against the grain and was elected in two non-consecutive terms – making...
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Pioneer research program scholar spotlight

Pioneer Scholar Spotlight: Michael

“Pioneer has a very diverse population of students and you’re going to get a lot of different new perspectives by talking with the other students and they’re going to make your paper more balanced.” When he was growing up, Pioneer scholar Michael was curious about how people made decisions. When he did his Pioneer Research...
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