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“Pioneer showed me how to use the tools that I have and apply them to topics that I’m interested in.” Pioneer Scholar Ezgi, from Istanbul, Turkey, reached for the stars when she applied for her Pioneer Research Program. What she found was new interests, a new direction, and a new appreciation for her own capabilities....
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Pioneer Academics is proud to announce that 120 papers authored by scholars from the 2020 program have been nominated for publication in The Pioneer Research Journal, an annual publication showcasing the most outstanding undergraduate-level research and writing generated by the high school students from around the world who participated in this year’s program. These scholars...
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In 2012, before Pioneer was Pioneer, four courageous young scholars became pioneers in a new academic program that allowed high school students to do independent research under the guidance of professors from top American universities. Two students each participated in the two programs that were offered, in the fields of anthropology and neuroscience. Since then,...
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In 2012, before Pioneer was Pioneer, four courageous young scholars became pioneers in a new academic program that allowed high school students to do independent research under the guidance of professors from top American universities. Two students each participated in the two programs that were offered, in the fields of anthropology and neuroscience. Since then,...
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According to education reformer Sir Ken Robinson, addressing the complex problems of the modern world will require a generation of creative thinkers in all fields. “The challenges we currently face are without precedent,” he says.  “More people live on this planet now than at any other time in history…We’re facing an increasing strain on the...
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Professor Nicole Snyder, a long-time Pioneer mentor who teaches at Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina, is very excited about a recent prestigious award from the Research Corporation for Scientific Advancement. Davidson was the only small liberal arts college to be funded through this award, and the honor stemmed from work that Professor Snyder has...
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Yi (Ella) and Yijian (Davie) might not be the first Pioneer Scholar couple ever to date, but they’re one we were happy to learn about. Here’s their story, from Stanford to UPenn. Ella’s Story Pioneer Scholar Ella, from Hangzhou, is a member of the Yao ethnic minority, one of China’s 55 ethnic minority groups. This...
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A critical part of Pioneer’s academic development is the design and enactment of a curriculum focused on preparing students for the research and writing process. This curriculum, part of a dedicated effort to identify students’ academic needs and construct effective solutions around them, provides an essential structure and framework that allows high school students to...
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Because of Pioneer’s rigorous academic system, students who complete the Pioneer Research Program can list that they received two college course units from Pioneer’s academic partner, Oberlin College, on their applications through the Common Application, the University of California system, and the Coalition Application.   The Common Application has a section that states, “If you have...
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“When you actually are passionate about that subject, you will produce your best possible work.” Pioneer Scholar Jon, from St. Louis, Missouri in the US, is truly passionate about international relations. Although a number of Pioneer Scholars have participated in the Pioneer Research Program in two consecutive years, Jon is the only one who has...
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Quotes directly from Matthew Pohl

Pioneer’s Respected Selectivity

“There are very few selective summer programs out there that emphasize research. Pioneer is one
of very few selective summer undergraduate research opportunities, and that’s something that’s
known among college admissions officers at top universities.”

Pioneer’s Leadership mindset

“I believe Pioneer’s system really prepared students for the leadership mindset.”

Credibility through academic system

“Oberlin College is considered one of the top liberal arts colleges in the U.S. If they are
partnering with an organization that provides excellent programs to students, then there’s
credibility there. Automatically.”

Watch the video

The Pioneer Research Program is the ONLY global
program in which students conduct
research one-on-one
with a professor online in Pioneer’s rigorous

Foundational Research Seminars

Pioneer offers virtual seminars on research methodologies in addition to subject sessions.

Pioneer Writing Center

Pioneer’s writing center follows the highest ethical standards in providing academic writing support to Pioneer scholars.

Online Library

  • About 400 research databases and journals.
  • Over 100,000 e-books.

Academic Oversight

Pioneer and Oberlin College jointly administer academic oversight.

Accomplishment Endorsed by Pioneer

It is well known that Pioneer holds the highest academic standards. Research accomplishments
through Pioneer are trusted and respected.

College Credit

Pioneer scholars earn two college credits and the Pioneer Research Program is categorized as
a college course, instead of just an extracurricular activity, on college applications.


  • Pioneer’s tuition is 6,450 US dollars.
  • As part of its social mission, Pioneer Academics dedicates funds every year to
    need-based scholarships for students to participate in the Pioneer Research Program.
    These funds are very limited and their use is restricted to cases in which the need
    of the students’ family can be reliably accredited. Students are eligible for these
    scholarships in countries where need can be assessed or if they are part of a
    non-profit organization or an educational institution that can assess need.

Dear educator friend,

In the critical process of preparing students to transition to college, you are key. The
ramifications of your guidance are far-reaching.

The Pioneer Research Program believes that it, too, has a role to play in preparing students of special potential and passion for learning. This is a role we trust you will appreciate knowing about. Our mission is to offer a deep and otherwise unavailable opportunity to exceptionally motivated young scholars who want to learn and research at the college level and to explore their potential for innovation.

What makes Pioneer a unique deep-dive learning experience is not just the mentorship of distinguished professors. It is the rigorous quality controls developed conjointly by Pioneer and Oberlin College. Professors (must) adhere to rubrics for

1) setting learning goals;

2) syllabus development;

3) oversight, feedback and evaluation, and

4) grading standardization.

This rigorous academic system is supported by thorough admission process and a high-minded ethics code. The combination gives students an exceptional learning experience that is brought to fruition in a college-level research paper documenting their findings.

You can follow this link Pioneer’s concrete academic system to learn more about the academic system. Academic quality control and academic oversight assure Pioneer’s focus is on learning and learners, and therefore all of our practices were built upon the following principles:

No conflict of interests Pioneer’s academic ethical standards
Because of its high academic and ethical standards, the Pioneer program has earned the trust of college admissions departments and formed the basis for the ground-breaking collaboration with Oberlin College. Pioneer scholars get two college credits upon completing their Pioneer research.

Click to learn about Pioneer and Oberlin College's groundbreaking academic collaboration.

Pioneer has a rigorous admission process. Students who have genuine academic interests and are highly motivated are a good fit with Pioneer’s values. Pioneer’s founding board insisted that Pioneer commit to a professor-blind policy during the application process, ensuring that applicants have authentic field interest and correct priorities. Consequently, no information about professors is released before admission to the program. This policy is much appreciated and respected by universities. Professor-blind admission policy
On this page is the critical information needed to meet your needs.

If you have additional questions, feel free to let us know how we can help you by emailing info@pioneeracademics.com or calling 855-572-8863.


Matthew Jaskol

Founder & Program Director