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Lebanon: An IMF Case Study

About the scholar: Abhishek Don Hemlani grew up in China and attended BASIS International School Guangzhou in Guangzhou, China. The Research: A massive explosion in the port of Beirut on August 4, 2020, killed 200 people and left 300,000 homeless. Pioneer scholar Abishek sees this disaster as the result of chronic negligence and corruption in […]

Bioethics: To What Extent Should Humanity Perceive Eugenics as Applicable?

About the scholar: Bangjun Yue grew up in China and attended Institut Le Rosey in Rolle, Switzerland. The Research: Pioneer scholar Bangjun begins her paper with a hypothetical case of the use of growth hormones on two boys, one short because of a genetic defect, the other short because of inherited genes. She uses this […]
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Adverse Selection in the Chinese Healthcare System: Reducing Information Asymmetry to Optimize the Utilization of Hospital Capacity

About the scholar: Thalia Ou grew up in China and attended Branksome Hall in Toronto, Canada The Research: In China, where individuals choose where to receive their healthcare, higher level hospitals are overwhelmed and lower level hospitals underutilized. Pioneer scholar Thalia points out that this disparity is caused by “information asymmetry” rather than quality of […]

Exit, Voice, and Violence: Contemporary Responses of Non-Hindu Groups to the BJP’s Hindu Nationalism

About the scholar: Rushil Roy grew up in the United States, and attended Monte Vista High School in Danville, California, USA The Research: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), known for its adherence to and propagation of Hindu nationalist values, has been India’s dominant political power since 1998. Their policies, which include restricting Muslim immigration and […]
Pioneer research journal for high school students
Pioneer research journal for high school students

Comparative Analysis of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Santa Maria Della Neve and Huang Gongwang’s The Remaining Mountain

About the Scholar: Shuyu Chen grew up in China and attended Wuhan Foreign Languages School in Wuhan, China The Research: Chinese artist Huang Gongwang and one of the world’s best known Renaissance artists, Leonardo da Vinci, lived and worked two hundred years apart and in entirely different cultures that were not interacting during their lifetimes. […]

Intangible Assets: The Cause of Veblen Goods: A Breakdown of the Intangible Factors that Drive Pricing Premiums

About the scholar: Vardaan Tekriwal grew up in Indonesia and attended the Jakarta Intercultural School in Jakarta, Indonesia The Research: A Veblen good is one that defies the usual market trend by increasing in sales as its price increases. Pioneer scholar Vardaan theorized that two kinds of “intangible assets” can be used by companies to […]
Pioneer research journal for high school students
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Science in Women’s Cosmetics of 17th Century Europe

About the scholar: Sarah Liu grew up in China and attended Kent School in Kent, Connecticut, USA. The Research: The well-known figures of the Scientific Revolution of the 15th to 18th centuries were men such as Galileo, Copernicus and Kepler. However, although women could not receive formal education in science and were limited in their […]

The Invisible Culture of Pain and the Opioid Crisis

About the scholar: Sumin Yoon grew up in South Korea and attended The School for the Talented and Gifted in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A. The Research: “Although the biological mechanisms of opioid overdose and dependence are thoroughly researched, our understanding of why Americans turn toward opioids in the first place is rarely discussed.” This clear discrepancy […]
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Human Intuition, Perception, and Execution of a Five-Beat Versus a Seven-Beat Rhythmic Cycle

About the Scholar: Sahana Prasanna grew up in the United States and attended Monta Vista High School in Cupertino, California. The Research: Traditional Western music is mostly based on two-beat or three-beat patterns. Eastern music can be quite different in structure. Pioneer scholar Sahana, who has been studying South Indian Carnatic music, assumed that the […]

A Blended Culture: Greater Houston Area’s Native American Children’s Contest Powwow

About the Scholar: Ruochen Jin grew up in Canada and attended The Woodlands High School in The Woodlands, Texas, USA. The Research: Most Native American communities value passing on their traditions to their children, who are mostly immersed in today’s technological American culture. Contest powwows are one way to do this. To examine how these […]
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