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Semi-Supervised Classification with Generative Adversarial Networks on Medial Datasets with Limited Size and Label

About the scholar: Lutfi Eren Erdogan grew up in Turkey and attended Uskudar American Academy in Istanbul, Turkey. The Research: Using advanced computer technology to classify medical images has proven challenging because the datasets of images are limited in size and mostly lack annotations, whereas the supervised convolutional neural networks that can aid diagnosis generally […]

Coastal Plastic Management as a Response to Rafting Invasive Species

About the scholar: Jiaying Liu grew up in China and attended Indian Springs School in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. The Research: Plastic in the ocean is one of the greatest concerns in today’s world. Among its lesser known damaging effects is its role in transporting invasive species. Pioneer scholar Jiaying was curious about how different countries […]
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Computational Fluid Dynamics Pilot Prediction Model of Vulnerable Plaque in the Femoral Artery

About the Scholar: Yixuan Zhao grew up in China and attended Shenzhen College of International Education in Shenzhen, China The Research: Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a widespread disease that is commonly signaled by a buildup of plaque in the femoral artery. This plaque can cause ruptures that lead to strokes and even death. Although […]

Mangrove Forests Mitigate Tsunami Hazard and Require Conservation

About the Scholar: Qiqing Li grew up in China and attended Shenzhen Middle School in Shenzhen, China The Research: In regions that suffer from tsunamis, typhoons, and storms, mangrove forests can protect shorelines and ensure human safety. They act as a natural barrier, stop drifts, and reduce the energy of a tsunami, thereby saving lives. […]
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Pioneer research journal for high school students

Macrophage Migration Inhibition Factor: A Cancer Promoter, Potential Prognosticator and Chemotherapeutic Target

About the scholar: Yuting Huang grew up in China and attended Culver Academies in Culver, Indiana, USA The Research: Macrophage Migration Inhibition Factor (MIF) has been shown to promote the growth of tumors in several different kinds of cancer. Pioneer scholar Yuting wondered if identifying increased MIF production might be an early indicator of cancer, […]

Blockchain: Building a Path to Utopia

About the scholar: Ziyang Zheng grew up in China and attended The Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University in Beijing, China The Research: “Blockchain technology is used to build a decentralized and anonymous transaction system. With blockchain technology, people no longer need trusted third parties such as banks to build trust between each […]
Pioneer research journal for high school students
Pioneer research journal for high school students

A World of Possibility: Tier-Oriented Base-Storage Network for CCN Routing

About the Scholar: Yuchen Xu grew up in China and attended The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China in Beijing, China The Research: Although information technology use increases constantly, the basic model for how it works has remained the same: the user’s computer connects to the host. This model now has problems of […]

A Historical Study of the Ergonomic Considerations in Aircraft

About the Scholar: Guankai Zhai grew up in China and attended Jining Confucius International School in Jining and YK Pao School in Shanghai, China. The Research: Beginning with the great increase in commercial aviation following World War II, the interaction of cockpit crew members with one another and their increasingly automated aviation systems began to […]
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Identification of Reliable Predictor of Primary Spontaneous Pneumothorax Recurrence Risk

About the Scholar: Ruibing Xu grew up in China and attended Shenzhen Foreign Languages School in Shenzhen, China. The Research: Primary spontaneous pneumothorax (PSP), the accumulation of gas in the pleural cavity without underlying lung disease, is a common problem. Women and people who are taller and thinner have the highest risk of recurrence. Ruibing’s […]

An Investigation in Tournaments with Bidirectional Arcs

About the Scholar: Cheng Qian grew up in China and attended Tsinghua University High School in Beijing, China The Research: Directed graphs are used widely in such real-world situations as flow networks in pipes and abstract representations of computer programs. Tournaments are directed graphs that can represent visually the various players in a game. Each […]
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