The Age of Plague


S Plague Coulombic Twolves

The Age of Plague: Trends in Societal Responses During Pandemics

The Age of Plague
POSS Team: Coulombic Twolves Team Captain: Sreevarsha Maddasani Team Members: Katelyn Chin, Timothy Chang, William Chin, Ananya Sundararajan Synopsis: Paranoia is a coping mechanism. A strange one at that, but there’s nothing like violence and anger that allows the public to comfortably scapegoat. Their fear for their own lives tends to overpower any sense of […]

The Age of Plague: SARS

The Age of Plague
POSS Team: Big Dreamers Team Captain: Eric Wang Team Members: Daniel Song, Ethan Shan, Maxwell Huang, Nelson Dong, Olivia Zheng, Ruilin Yang, Valerie Ng Synopsis: Our team’s topic-SARS was chosen primarily to show the precedents of an outbreak similar to COVID-19. We researched SARS’ origin, its vector, the government response, and how countries were affected […]
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S Plague Youth for Beneficence

The Age of Plague: SARS: The Disease We Withheld Against

The Age of Plague
POSS Team: Youth for Beneficence Team Captain: ShunTong  Jiang Team Members: Judy Chen, Andrew Chan, April Li, Andy Lin, Phoebe He, Edison Chang, Andy Jiang, Xinyi Zhang Synopsis: During the summer of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, nine highschoolers embark on a journey to study another member of the same coronavirus family. Through the overwhelming societal […]

The Age of Plague: From the Age of Plague To Understand the Worldwide Epidemics

The Age of Plague
POSS Team: Beauty Group Team Captain: Jingwen Ding Team Members: Heyan Wang, Chenchen Huang, Yuchen Ma, Ailin Li Synopsis: Humans always claim to be the most advanced form of life, however, plague has been one of the problems people face since hundreds of years ago. Many people and living environments in many corners of the […]
S Plague Beauty
S Plague POSSh Philosophers

The Age of Plague: The Rise of Xenophobia Amongst Global Unrest

The Age of Plague
POSS Team: POSSh Philosophers Team Captain: Dhanbee Suh Team Members: Ellie Chen, Elina Liu, Grace Ko, Anjali Pillai Synopsis: With the development of COVID-19 and the rise of xenophobia against Asians, our study explores the history and patterns of disease and discrimination. In analyzing these patterns, we look into the Black Death, HIV/AIDS, Ebola, and […]

The Age of Plague: What Did Fleeing to the Countryside Say About People’s Understanding of the Black Plague ?

The Age of Plague
POSS Team: Lab Rats Team Captain: Kiran Ahmad Team Members: Anna Carvajal, Samantha Gonzalez, Edinelly Peguero Rosario, Devonie Rhoden Synopsis: Prior to the arrival of the Black Death in Eurasia, the societies of countries in Western Europe were based on religious authority. However, the arrival of the plague brought new scientific and medical information along […]
S Plague Lab
S Plague Deceased Disease Inc.1

The Age of Plague: The Evolution of Yellow Fever

The Age of Plague
POSS Team: Deceased Disease Inc. Team Captain: Judith Zhu Team Members: Sanjana Nallagatla, Deeptisai Ayyappaneni, Navya Meka, Atishi Porwal Synopsis: Through studying the world’s long and gruesome battle with Yellow Fever, we brought light to how historical context intertwines with the evolution of medical understanding, public health measures, and the spread of misinformation and disinformation; […]

The Age of Plague: The Evolution of the Ebola Virus (EBOD) Along with its Effects On Society

The Age of Plague
POSS Team: Sharks in Suits Team Captain: Vicky Zheng Team Members: Ivan Zhang, Calvin Chan, Ada Wu, Wilson Dong, Antony Chen, Shuyue Chen, Ke Li, Manruchi Padda Synopsis: Pandemics have continuously occurred throughout history. Not only have pandemics ravaged many families and communities, but they have also disrupted the stability of our entire society. Our […]
S Plague Sharks in Suits
S Plague HA1821

The Age of Plague: A Brief Analysis of Major Medical Developments Since 1348 and their Influence on the Medical Field’s Reaction to Plagues

The Age of Plague
POSS Team: HA1821 Team Captain: Pham Ha Phuong Team Members: Hoang Khanh Nam, Dang Ngoc Khoi, Pham Ngoc Phuong Linh, Tran Hoang Thy Uyen Synopsis: Plagues and epidemics have proven to be a formidable enemy to humanity since the dawn of civilization, taking millions of human lives and making enormous changes to our society. Throughout […]

The Age of Plague: Effects of the Black Death on Treatments, Medical Understandings, and the Human Immune System

The Age of Plague
POSS Team: Concordia Team 2 Team Captain: Elie Wang Team Members: Kelly Fai, Katelyn Kim, Mindy Wang, Isabella Yu Synopsis: Plague in history has been fatal but vital to human medical and genetic improvement. Our research focuses on the fourteenth-century Black Death, which is widely regarded as the deadliest pandemic recorded in human history. We […]
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Dear educator friend,

In the critical process of preparing students to transition to college, you are key. The
ramifications of your guidance are far-reaching.

The Pioneer Research Program believes that it, too, has a role to play in preparing students of special potential and passion for learning. This is a role we trust you will appreciate knowing about. Our mission is to offer a deep and otherwise unavailable opportunity to exceptionally motivated young scholars who want to learn and research at the college level and to explore their potential for innovation.

What makes Pioneer a unique deep-dive learning experience is not just the mentorship of distinguished professors. It is the rigorous quality controls developed conjointly by Pioneer and Oberlin College. Professors (must) adhere to rubrics for

1) setting learning goals;

2) syllabus development;

3) oversight, feedback and evaluation, and

4) grading standardization.

This rigorous academic system is supported by thorough admission process and a high-minded ethics code. The combination gives students an exceptional learning experience that is brought to fruition in a college-level research paper documenting their findings.

You can follow this link Pioneer’s concrete academic system to learn more about the academic system. Academic quality control and academic oversight assure Pioneer’s focus is on learning and learners, and therefore all of our practices were built upon the following principles:

No conflict of interests Pioneer’s academic ethical standards
Because of its high academic and ethical standards, the Pioneer program has earned the trust of college admissions departments and formed the basis for the ground-breaking collaboration with Oberlin College. Pioneer scholars get two college credits upon completing their Pioneer research.

Click to learn about Pioneer and Oberlin College's groundbreaking academic collaboration.

Pioneer has a rigorous admission process. Students who have genuine academic interests and are highly motivated are a good fit with Pioneer’s values. Pioneer’s founding board insisted that Pioneer commit to a professor-blind policy during the application process, ensuring that applicants have authentic field interest and correct priorities. Consequently, no information about professors is released before admission to the program. This policy is much appreciated and respected by universities. Professor-blind admission policy
On this page is the critical information needed to meet your needs.

If you have additional questions, feel free to let us know how we can help you by emailing or calling 855-572-8863.


Matthew Jaskol

Founder & Program Director